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Buffer Optimization in Network-on-Chip Through Flow RegulationMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2010-11
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Edge/Corner ProgrammingHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2011-6
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Gait Recognition Based on Invariant Leg Classification Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm as the Fusion MethodHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2012-3
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Calibration of Soil Model Parameters Using Particle Swarm OptimizationHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2012-5
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Camera parameters estimation in soccer scenes on the basis of points at infinityHamid Reza Pourreza2012-6
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Cost-Driven Scheduling of Grid Workflows Using Partial Critical PathsSaeid Abrishami,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2012-8
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Info-based approach in distributed mutual exclusion algorithmsMahmoud Naghibzadeh2012-12
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Financial Distress Prediction of Iranian Companies by Using Data Mining TechniquesHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2013-1
SemCiRMohsen Kahani2013-1
Simulation and Optimization of Affective Causes on Quality of Electronic ServicesMohsen Kahani2013-1
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Data Ranking in Semi-Supervised LearningHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2013-4
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Initial Free Self-Organizing Map by AggregationHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2013-4
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Space/query-time tradeoff for computing the visibility polygonMostafa Nouri Baygi2013-4
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Activity Recognition In Smart Home Using Weighted Dempster - Shafer TheoryHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2013-7
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A Simple and Fast Technique for Detection and Prevention of SQL Injection AttacksAbbas Ghaemi Bafghi2013-8
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A Novel Neuron in Kernel DomainHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2013-9
Automated characterization of blood vessels as arteries and veins in retinal imagesHamid Reza Pourreza2013-9
Design and Formal Verification of DZMBE+Abbas Ghaemi Bafghi2013-10
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Fast Voltage and Power Flow Contingency Ranking Using Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural NetworkModjtaba Rouhani2013-12
Measurement of the latency parameters of the Multi-BSP model: a multicore benchmarking approachAbdorreza Savadi,Hossein Deldari2013-12
Rate-distortion analysis of multiview coding in a DIBR frameworkHamid Reza Pourreza2013-12
A job submission manager for large–scale distributed systems based on job futurity predictorHossein Deldari2014-1
A Layer Model of a Confidence-aware Trust Management SystemAbbas Ghaemi Bafghi2014-1
A New Evolutionary-Incremental Framework for Feature SelectionHamid Reza Pourreza2014-1
Delayed Rate Monotonic Algorithm with First-fit PartitioningMahmoud Naghibzadeh2014-1
Hierarchical tree clustering of fuzzy numberHadi Sadoghi Yazdi,Reza Monsefi2014-1
HOCA: Healthcare Aware Optimized Congestion Avoidance and control protocol for wireless sensor networksMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2014-1
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A Reputation Framework for Social Participatory Sensing SystemsHaleh Amintoosi2014-2
Distribution of normal superficial ocular vessels in digital imagesHamid Reza Pourreza2014-2
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Robust support vector machine-trained fuzzy systemHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2014-2
SS-DRM: Semi-Partitioned Scheduling Based on Delayed Rate Monotonic on Multiprocessor PlatformsMahmoud Naghibzadeh2014-3
A Predictive Task Migration Algorithm with Adaptive Migration Threshold for Dynamic Thermal Management of Multi-Core ProcessorsHamid Noori2014-4
An Overload Window Control Method Based on Fuzzy Logic to Improve SIP PerformanceMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2014-4
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Metrics-Driven Framework for LOD Quality AssessmentBehshid Behkamal2014-5
Multi Phase, QoS Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor NetworksMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2014-5
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A Clustering Approach to Scientific Workflow Scheduling on the Cloud with Deadline and Cost ConstraintsMahmoud Naghibzadeh,Saeid Abrishami2014-6
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Proactive task migration with a self-adjusting migration threshold for dynamic thermal management of multi-core processorsHamid Noori2014-6
Semantic similarity assessment of words using weighted WordNetMahmoud Naghibzadeh2014-6
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Development and validation of customized process modelsMohsen Asadi2014-10
High-level design space exploration of locally linear neuro-fuzzy models for embedded systemsHamid Noori2014-10
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Addressing Non-Functional Properties in Feature Models: A Goal-Oriented ApproachMohsen Asadi2014-12
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Critical path-aware voltage island partitioning and floorplanning for hard real-time embedded systemsHamid Noori2015-1
Fast Highlight Detection and Scoring for Broadcast Soccer Video Summarization using On-Demand Feature Extraction and Fuzzy InferenceHamid Reza Pourreza2015-1
Improvement of retinal blood vessel detectionusing morphological component analysisHamid Reza Pourreza2015-1
Iterative Wedgelet Transform: An efficient algorithm for computing wedgelet representation and approximation of imagesAhad Harati,Abedin Vahedian Mazloum2015-1
ODT: Optimal deadline-based trajectory for mobile sinks in WSN: A decision tree and dynamic programming approachMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2015-1
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Trust-based privacy-aware participant selection in social participatory sensingHaleh Amintoosi2015-2
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E‐correlator: an entropy‐based alert correlation systemAbbas Ghaemi Bafghi2015-3
Fully automated diabetic retinopathy screening using morphologicalcomponent analysisHamid Reza Pourreza2015-3
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Adaptive Energy-aware Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2015-7
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Workflow Scheduling on the Hybrid Cloud to Maintain Data Privacy under Deadline ConstraintMahmoud Naghibzadeh2015-9
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Robust Support Vector Machines with Low Test TimeHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2015-11
Semi-partitioned scheduling for fixed-priority real-time tasks based on intelligent rate monotonic algorithmMahmoud Naghibzadeh2015-11
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Analysis of Privacy of Private Browsing Mode through Memory ForensicsSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2015-12
Fast and de-noise support vector machine training method based on fuzzy clustering method for large real world datasetsModjtaba Rouhani2015-12
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Label denoising based on Bayesian aggregationHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2016-1
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PiSHi: click the images and I tell if you are a humanAbbas Ghaemi Bafghi,Ahad Harati2016-1
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Reliability Improvement of Hardware Task Graphs via Configuration Early FetchYasser Sedaghat2016-1
RSCM technology for developing runtime-reconfigurable telecommunication applicationsKamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi2016-1
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Goal-oriented modeling and verification of feature-oriented product linesMohsen Asadi2016-2
Large symmetric margin instance selection algorithmReza Monsefi,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2016-2
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A Novel Curvature Based Algorithm for Automatic Grading of Retinal Blood Vessel TortuosityHamid Reza Pourreza2016-3
Physical-aware predictive dynamic thermal management of multi-core processorsHamid Noori2016-3
Two fast and accurate heuristic RBF learning rules for data classificationModjtaba Rouhani2016-3
Overload Mitigation Mechanism for VoIP Networks: A Transport Layer Approach Based on Resource ManagementSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno,Mohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-4
High Load Control Mechanism for SIP ServersSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno,Mohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-5
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Modeling and scheduling hybrid workflows of tasks and task interaction graphs on the cloudMahmoud Naghibzadeh2016-6
Power Consumption Scheduling for Future Connected Smart Homes Using Bi-Level Cost-Wise Optimization ApproachMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-6
Semantic tagging and linking of software engineering social contentF Ensan2016-6
MS-TWSVM: Mahalanobis distance-based Structural Twin Support Vector MachineReza Monsefi2016-7
Rotation-Based Design and Synthesis of Quantum CircuitsMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2016-7
Quality Assessment Based Coded Apertures for Defocus DeblurringHamid Reza Pourreza2016-8
Reconfigurable Quantum Circuits by Photonic DevicesMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2016-8
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A framework for dynamic restructuring of semantic video analysis systems based on learning attention controlHamid Reza Pourreza2016-9
A Load-Balanced Call Admission Controller for IMS Cloud ComputingMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2016-9
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Design of a Secure Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme Preserving User Privacy Usable in Telecare Medicine Information SystemsAbbas Rasoolzadegan2016-9
efficient landcover segmentation using meta fusionHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2016-9
Coded aperture solution for improving the performance of traffic enforcement camerasHamid Reza Pourreza2016-10
Creating Time-Limited Attributes for TimeLimited Services in Cloud ComputingSaeid Abrishami2016-10
Semi-supervised GSOM integrated with extreme learning machineHadi Sadoghi Yazdi,Ali Mehrizi2016-10
Autonomous Two-Tier Cloud Based Demand Side Management Approach with MicrogridMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-11
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Design, implementation and performance evaluation of a proactive overload control mechanism for networks of SIP serversMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2017-1
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High capacity image steganography on sparse message of scanned document image (SMSDI)Amir Hossein Taherinia2017-1
Performance analysis of classification algorithms on early detection of liver diseaseMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2017-1
Retinopathy of Prematurity-assist: Novel Software for Detecting Plus DiseaseHamid Reza Pourreza2017-1
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Vessel segmentation and microaneurysm detection using discriminative dictionary learning and sparse representationHamid Reza Pourreza,Ahad Harati2017-1
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CCA: a deadline-constrained workflow scheduling algorithm for multicore resources on the cloudMahmoud Naghibzadeh,Saeid Abrishami2017-2
Collusion-resistant Worker Selection in Social Crowdsensing SystemsHaleh Amintoosi2017-2
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Safety Verification of Rate-Monotonic Least-Splitting Real-Time Scheduler on Multiprocessor SystemYasser Sedaghat2017-2
Current and potential cyber attacks on medical journals; guidelines for improving securitySeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2017-3
Design pattern detection based on the graph theoryAbbas Rasoolzadegan2017-3
Designing a Fuzzy Expert System with a Hybrid Approach to Select Operational Strategies in Project-Based Organizations with a Selected Competitive PriorityMohsen Kahani2017-3
Improving Signal Subspace Identification Using Weighted Graph Structure of DataHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2017-3
Inconsistency Repair to Improve the Performace of Ontology MatchersMahmoud Naghibzadeh2017-3
Marker based human pose tracking using adaptive annealed particle swarm optimization with search space partitioningAhad Harati,Abedin Vahedian Mazloum2017-3
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Load dispersion-aware VM placement in favor of energy-performance tradeoffSaeid Abrishami,Hossein Deldari2017-4
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Utility of 1% Tropicamide in Improving the Quality of Images for Tele-Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with Dark IridesHamid Reza Pourreza2017-4
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A New Approach to the Quantitative Measurement of Software FlexibilityAbbas Rasoolzadegan2017-6
Non-stationary concept of accident predictionHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2017-6
Study of shearlet transform using block matrix dilationAhad Harati2017-6
Introducing prior knowledge for a hybrid accident prediction modelHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2017-7
A New Sparse Learning MachineReza Monsefi2017-8
INDEX: Incremental depth extension approach for protein–protein interaction networks alignmentMahmoud Naghibzadeh2017-8
OpenAMI: Software-Defined AMI Load BalancingMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2017-8
Protein b-sheet prediction using an efficient dynamic programming algorithmMahmoud Naghibzadeh2017-8
Embedding unstructured side information in product recommendationMohsen Kahani2017-9
Fuzzy-Based Clustering-Task Scheduling for Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Sensor NetworksMahmoud Naghibzadeh,Saeid Abrishami2017-10
Inverse kinematics of a 7 DOF redundant robot manipulator using active set approach under joint physical limitsModjtaba Rouhani2017-10
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An online valuation-based sealed winner-bid auction game for resource allocation and pricing in cloudsHossein Deldari,Saeid Abrishami2017-11
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Distribution of different sized ocular surface vessels in diabetics and normal individualsHamid Reza Pourreza2017-12
Migration Management in Sensor - Cloud NetworksSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2017-12
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Fuzzy Relevance Feedback in the Semantic Image RetrievalHadi Sadoghi Yazdi,Hamid Reza Pourreza2018-1
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Recent Multicast Routing Protocols in VANET: Classification and ComparisonSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2018-1
Scheduling Data-Driven Workflows in Multi-Cloud EnvironmentSaeid Abrishami2018-1
Sensory evaluation of the color of mutton by computer vision systemHamid Reza Pourreza2018-1
TRLH: Fragile and blind dual watermarking for image tamper detection and self-recovery based on lifting wavelet transform and halftoning techniqueAmir Hossein Taherinia,Ahad Harati2018-1
Bayesian filter based on the wisdom of crowdsHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2018-2
Detecting life events from twitter based on temporal semantic featuresMohsen Kahani2018-2
Distributed Clustering-Task Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Dynamic Hyper Round PolicyMahmoud Naghibzadeh,Saeid Abrishami,Mohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2018-2
Kalman Filter Reinforced by Least Mean Square for Systems with Unknown InputsHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2018-2
Resource Management Technique for IoT in Fog Computing Supported by Distributed SDNSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2018-2
The Impact of Sentiment Features on the Sentiment Polarity Classification in Persian ReviewsMohsen Kahani2018-2
Characteristics and Categorization of Services in CLOUBI: A CLOud-based UBIquitous ArchitectureHossein Deldari,Saeid Abrishami2018-3
Mining user interests over active topics on social networksMohsen Kahani2018-3
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Delay-Aware Resource Provisioning for Cost-Efficient Cloud GamingAbbas Rasoolzadegan2018-4
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Modeling Intra-label Dynamics and Analyzing the Role of Blank in Connectionist Temporal ClassificationKamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi,Ahad Harati2018-4
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Enhancement of Protein β-sheet Topology Prediction using Maximum Weight Disjoint Path CoverMahmoud Naghibzadeh2018-5
Estimation of the camera spectral sensitivity function using neural learning and architectureHamid Reza Pourreza,Modjtaba Rouhani2018-5
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Distributed unequal clustering algorithm in large-scale wireless sensor networks using fuzzy logicMahmoud Naghibzadeh2018-6
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Second-Order Statistical Texture Representation of Asphalt Pavement Distress Images Based on Local Binary Pattern in Spatial and Wavelet DomainHamid Reza Pourreza2018-6
Neural word and entity embeddings for ad hoc retrievalF Ensan2018-7
User interest prediction over future unobserved topics on social networksMohsen Kahani2018-7
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Competitive Cross-Entropy Loss: A Study on Training Single-Layer Neural Networks for Solving Nonlinearly Separable Classification ProblemsKamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi2018-8
Impact of Patients’ Gender on Parkinson’s disease using Classification AlgorithmsMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2018-8
Predicting future personal life events on twitter via recurrent neural networksMohsen Kahani2018-8
A Study about the Distribution of the Spanning Ratios of Yao GraphsMostafa Nouri Baygi2018-9
An Energy Efficient Data Collection using Multiple UAVs in Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey StudySeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2018-9
Dynamic Routing Method over Hybrid SDN for Flying Ad Hoc NetworksSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2018-9
Emotional maps based on social networks data to analyze cities emotional structure and measure their emotional similarityHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2018-9
Fair multiple-workflow scheduling with different quality-of-service goalsMahmoud Naghibzadeh2018-9
Robust Semi-Supervised Growing Self-Organizing MapHadi Sadoghi Yazdi,Amir Hossein Taherinia2018-9
Universal Approximation by Using the Correntropy Objective FunctionHadi Sadoghi Yazdi,Modjtaba Rouhani2018-9
A Method for Improving the Integrity of Peer ReviewMohsen Kahani2018-10
Handling startling circumstances with IRM scheduler of real-time systemsMahmoud Naghibzadeh2018-10
Maximizing the Utilization of Fog Computing in Internet of Vehicle using SDNSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2018-10
A decomposition-based reliability and makespan optimization technique for hardware task graphsYasser Sedaghat,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2018-11
A new nested ensemble technique for automated diagnosis of breast cancerMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2018-11
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Foreword to the special issue on mining actionable insights from social networksF Ensan2018-11
Performance Analysis of Multithreaded IoT GatewayMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam,Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno2018-11
relf: robust regression extended with ensemble loss functionReza Monsefi,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2018-11
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Adaptive Neural Tracking Control of Switched Stochastic Pure-Feedback Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Bouc–Wen Hysteresis InputModjtaba Rouhani2018-12
Convolutional kernel networks based on a convex combination of cosine kernelsReza Monsefi,Kamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi2018-12
Routing Strategy for Internet of Vehicles based on Hierarchical SDN and Fog ComputingSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2018-12
A Trust-Based Experience-Aware Framework for Integrating Fuzzy RecommendationsMohammad Allahbakhsh,Haleh Amintoosi2019-1
BetaDL: A protein beta-sheet predictor utilizing a deep learning model and independent set solutionMahmoud Naghibzadeh2019-1
Collaborative linear dynamical system identification by scarce relevant/irrelevant observationsHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-1
Development of a Markov-Chain-Based Solar Generation Model for Smart Microgrid Energy Management SystemMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2019-1
Event reconstruction using temporal pattern of file system modificationSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-1
Metric Selection for GPU Kernel ClassificationHamid Noori,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-1
Multi-Target State Estimation Using Interactive Kalman Filter for Multi-Vehicle TrackingAbedin Vahedian Mazloum,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-1
Robust Diffusion LMS over Adaptive NetworksHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-1
SDN-Based Quality of Service Networking for Wide Area Measurement SystemMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2019-1
Ad hoc retrieval via entity linking and semantic similarityF Ensan2019-3
Energy-Efficient Multicast Routing Protocol based on SDN and Fog Computing for Vehicular NetworksSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2019-3
Identifying and Ranking Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques Affecting Organizational Information Security ImprovementSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2019-4
Performance Evaluation of Two New Lightweight Real-Time Scheduling Mechanisms for Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing EnvironmentsHossein Deldari,Saeid Abrishami2019-4
شرح نگاری خودکار تصویر با روش چرخش بلاک اصلیHadi Sadoghi Yazdi,Amir Hossein Taherinia2019-4
A New Benchmark for Evaluating Pattern Mining Methods Based on the Automatic Generation of TestbedsAbbas Rasoolzadegan2019-5
Incorporating Nonparametric Knowledge to the Least Mean Square Adaptive FilterHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-5
Layered Geometric LearningReza Monsefi2019-5
Microaneurysm detection in fundus images using a two-step convolutional neural networkHamid Reza Pourreza,Kamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi2019-5
A New Pricing Mechanism for Optimal Load Scheduling in Smart GridMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2019-6
Crowd analysis using Bayesian Risk Kernel Density EstimationHadi Sadoghi Yazdi,Amir Hossein Taherinia2019-6
Machine Learning in TransportationMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2019-6
TRLG: Fragile blind quad watermarking for image tamper detection and recovery by providing compact digests with optimized quality using LWT and GAAmir Hossein Taherinia,Amirhossein Mohajerzadeh2019-6
A Cooperation of Fog Computing and Smart Gateways in a Secure and Efficient Architecture for IoT - Based Smart HomesSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2019-7
An online context-aware mechanism for computation offloading in ubiquitous and mobile cloud environmentsHossein Deldari,Saeid Abrishami2019-7
Cost-driven workflow scheduling on the cloud with deadline and reliability constraintsMahmoud Naghibzadeh,Yasser Sedaghat2019-7
WACA: a new blind robust watermarking method based on Arnold Cat map and amplified pseudo-noise strings with weak correlationAmir Hossein Taherinia,Amirhossein Mohajerzadeh2019-7
An Efficient Target Tracking in Directional Sensor Networks Using Adapted Unscented Kalman FilterAmirhossein Mohajerzadeh2019-8
Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder based on complex network featuresMostafa Nouri Baygi2019-8
Hybrid scheduling to enhance reliability of real-time tasks running on reconfigurable devicesYasser Sedaghat,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2019-8
Retinal image assessment using bi-level adaptive morphological component analysisAhad Harati,Hamid Reza Pourreza2019-8
Robust sentiment fusion on distribution of newsHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-8
Scalable and view-independent calibration of multi-projector display for arbitrary uneven surfacesHamid Reza Pourreza2019-8
Sparse Bayesian approach for metric learning in latent spaceReza Monsefi,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-8
(1811-4829) Fuzzy based efficient DBS placement in the 5G cellular networkAmirhossein Mohajerzadeh,Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno2019-9
A formal model for event reconstruction in digital forensic investigationSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2019-9
A probabilistic framework for copy-move forgery detection based on Markov Random FieldAhad Harati,Amir Hossein Taherinia2019-9
A State-aware Approach for Robustness Testing of Embedded Real-Time Operating SystemsSamad Paydar,Yasser Sedaghat2019-9
An Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of Monkey Testing for Android ApplicationsSamad Paydar2019-9
Relevance-based entity selection for ad hoc retrievalF Ensan2019-9
The evolutionary composition of desirable execution traces from event logsMohsen Kahani2019-9
A component-based video content representation for action recognitionEhsan Fazl-Ersi,Ahad Harati2019-10
Functional gradient approach to probabilistic minimax active learningHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2019-10
Revisiting correlation-based filters for low-resolution and long-term visual trackingEhsan Fazl-Ersi2019-10
A systematic literature review on semantic web enabled software testingSamad Paydar2019-11
Perfect forward secrecy via an ECC-based authentication scheme for SIP in VoIPHaleh Amintoosi2019-11
Generalizing the Convolution Operator in Convolutional Neural NetworksKamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi2019-12
Hybrid particle swarm optimization for rule discovery in the diagnosis of coronary artery diseaseMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2019-12
Performance evaluation of CoAP proxy virtualisation in cloud‐assisted sensor networksSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno,Mohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2019-12
Quality-centric security pattern mutationsAbbas Rasoolzadegan2019-12
A deep neural network classifier for P300 BCI speller based on Cohen’s class time-frequency distributionModjtaba Rouhani2020-1
A lightweight key management protocol for secure communication in smart gridsAmirhossein Mohajerzadeh2020-1
Alpha influenza virus infiltration prediction using virus-human protein-protein interaction networkAbdorreza Savadi,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2020-1
An Efficient Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme Based on ECDH for Wireless Sensor NetworkAmirhossein Mohajerzadeh2020-1
An ontology-based method for improving the quality of process event logs using database bin logsBehshid Behkamal,Mohsen Kahani,Mohammad Allahbakhsh2020-1
AQA: An Adaptive Quality Assessment Framework for Online Review SystemsMohammad Allahbakhsh,Haleh Amintoosi,Behshid Behkamal2020-1
Automated Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using a Convolutional Neural NetworkMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2020-1
Cube distinguisher extraction using division property in block ciphersAbbas Ghaemi Bafghi2020-1
Developing an ultra-efficient microsatellite discoverer to find structural differences between SARS-CoV-1 and Covid-19Mahmoud Naghibzadeh,Abdorreza Savadi2020-1
Efficient Deployment of Small Cell Base Stations Mounted on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the Internet of Things InfrastructureAmirhossein Mohajerzadeh,Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno2020-1
Extension of Cube Attack with Probabilistic Equations and its Application on Cryptanalysis of KATAN Cipher.Abbas Ghaemi Bafghi2020-1
Fairness-Aware Energy Efficient Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multi-Core ProcessorsHamid Noori,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2020-1
Identifying Influential Users on Instagram Through Visual Content AnalysisEhsan Fazl-Ersi,Abedin Vahedian Mazloum2020-1
Intrusion Detection System Based on Gradient Corrected Online Sequential Extreme Learning MachineAmirhossein Mohajerzadeh2020-1
Joint Peak Clipping and Load Scheduling Based on User Behavior Monitoring in an IoT PlatformMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam,Mohsen Asadi2020-1
Observer-based adaptive neural control for switched stochastic pure-feedback systems with input saturationModjtaba Rouhani2020-1
Robust Heterogeneous C-meansAmir Hossein Taherinia2020-1
SDN- and fog computing-based switchable routing using path stability estimation for vehicular ad hoc networksSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2020-1
Simple and Efficient Pattern Matching Algorithms for Biological SequencesMahmoud Naghibzadeh2020-1
Software defect prediction using over-sampling and feature extraction based on Mahalanobis distanceAbbas Rasoolzadegan2020-1
Bad smell detection using quality metrics and refactoring opportunitiesAbbas Rasoolzadegan2020-2
Controller Placement in Software Defined Network using Iterated Local SearchSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2020-2
Efficient scheduling of streams on GPGPUsHamid Noori,Ahad Harati2020-2
Nondestructive classification of saffron using color and textural analysisHamid Reza Pourreza2020-2
Secure communication in CloudIoT through design of a lightweight authentication and session key agreement schemeHaleh Amintoosi2020-2
Security patterns: A systematic mapping studyAbbas Rasoolzadegan2020-2
A neural graph embedding approach for selecting review sentencesMohsen Kahani2020-3
Computer Aided Detection for Pulmonary Embolism Challenge (CAD-PE)Hamid Reza Pourreza2020-3
Deep neural network with generative adversarial networks pre-training for brain tumor classification based on MR imagesModjtaba Rouhani2020-3
Enhanced Schemes for Data Fragmentation, Allocation, and Replication in Distributed Database SystemsHaleh Amintoosi2020-3
HealthFog: An ensemble deep learning based Smart Healthcare System for Automatic Diagnosis of Heart Diseases in integrated IoT and fog computing environmentsMohsen Kahani2020-3
Identifying crisis-related informative tweets using learning on distributionsHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2020-3
Influential post identification on Instagram through caption and hashtag analysisEhsan Fazl-Ersi2020-3
Probabilistic Kalman filter for moving object trackingHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2020-3
An Evolutionary Approach to Optimizing Teleportation Cost in Distributed Quantum ComputationMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2020-4
Big Data Analytics and Structural Health Monitoring: A Statistical Pattern Recognition-Based ApproachBehshid Behkamal2020-4
cCUDA: Effective Co-Scheduling of Concurrent Kernels on GPUsHamid Noori,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2020-4
Combination of loss functions for deep text classificationReza Monsefi,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2020-4
Load-Balanced and QoS-Aware Software-Defined Internet of ThingsMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2020-4
Salient object detection in video using deep non-local neural networksAhad Harati2020-4
Task replication to improve the reliability of running workflows on the cloudMahmoud Naghibzadeh,Yasser Sedaghat2020-4
Toward optimum fuzzy support vector machines using error distributionHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2020-4
Association between work-related features and coronary artery disease: A heterogeneous hybrid feature selection integrated with balancing approachMariam Zomorodi-Moghadam2020-5
A novel scalable intrusion detection system based on deep learningMohsen Kahani2020-6
Analysis of robust recursive least squares: Convergence and trackingAmir Hossein Taherinia,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2020-6
ARisk Estimation Framework for Security Threats in Computer NetworksAbbas Ghaemi Bafghi2020-6
Parallelizing Assignment Problem with DNA StrandsAbdorreza Savadi,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2020-6
An Effective Semi-fragile Watermarking Method for Image Authentication Based on Lifting Wavelet Transform and Feed-Forward Neural NetworkAmir Hossein Taherinia,Reza Monsefi2020-7
TMTCPT: The Tree Method based on the Taxonomic Categorization and the Phylogenetic Tree for fine-grained categorizationHamid Reza Pourreza,Amir Hossein Taherinia2020-7
A kernel least mean square algorithm for fuzzy differential equations and its application in earth’s energy balance model and climateHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2020-8
Body Field: Structured Mean Field with Human Body Skeleton Model and Shifted Gaussian Edge PotentialsSara Ershadi nasab2020-8
Load-Balancing Algorithm for Multiple Gateways in Fog-Based Internet of ThingsMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam,Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno2020-8
SARS-CoV-2-human protein-protein interaction networkAbdorreza Savadi,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2020-8
An SDN based framework for maximizing throughput and balanced load distribution in a Cloudlet networkSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2020-9
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آنالیز آماری بافت تصاویر خرابی روسازی آسفالتی بر پایه ماتریس هم رخداد سطوح خاکستریHamid Reza Pourreza2022-5
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Demand Response Application as a Service: An SDN-Based Management FrameworkMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2022-5
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Multi‐Vector Internet of Energy (IoE)Sara Ershadi nasab2022-5
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Bayesian framework selection for hyperspectral image denoisingHadi Sadoghi Yazdi2022-12
DxGenerator: An Improved Differential Diagnosis Generator for Primary Care Based on MetaMap and Semantic ReasoningMohsen Kahani2022-12
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Elaboration of entropy with glass composition: A molecular dynamics studyMohsen Kahani2022-12
Interpreting sarcasm on social media using attention-based neural networksMohsen Kahani2022-12
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RPTRF: A rapid perfect tandem repeat finder tool for DNA sequencesMostafa Nouri Baygi,Mahmoud Naghibzadeh2023-4
Trace2Vec-CDD: A Framework for Concept Drift Detection in Business Process Logs using Trace EmbeddingBehshid Behkamal2023-4
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Cache Point Selection and Transmissions Reduction using LSTM Neural NetworkMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2023-6
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CAPTAIN: Community-based Advanced Persistent Threat Analysis in IT NetworksAbbas Ghaemi Bafghi,Abbas Rasoolzadegan2023-9
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Management of the optimizer's curse concept in single-task diffusion networksHadi Sadoghi Yazdi,Amir Hossein Taherinia2023-9
Towards finding the lost generation of autistic adults: A deep and multi-view learning approach on social mediaMohsen Kahani2023-9
A Multi-prototype Capsule Network for Image Recognition with High Intra-class VariationsKamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi,Ahad Harati2023-10
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Distributed Coding of Evidence Accumulation across the Mouse Brain Using Microcircuits with a Diversity of TimescalesAhad Harati,Hamid Reza Pourreza2023-11
PCP–ACO: a hybrid deadline-constrained workflow scheduling algorithm for cloud environmentSaeid Abrishami2023-11
Deep-learning Method for the Prediction of Three-Dimensional Dose Distribution for Left Breast Cancer Conformal Radiation TherapyKamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi2023-12
Image steganography based on smooth cycle-consistent adversarial learningAhad Harati,Amir Hossein Taherinia2023-12
Profile Matching in Heterogeneous Academic Social Networks using Knowledge GraphsBehshid Behkamal2023-12
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Correntropy-Based Constructive One Hidden Layer Neural NetworkModjtaba Rouhani,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2024-1
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Deep Learning Approaches on Image Captioning: A ReviewHamid Reza Pourreza2024-3
Incentive-Based Demand Response Program for Blockchain NetworkMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2024-3
Revisiting 2–3 red–black trees with a pedagogically sound yet efficient deletion algorithm: parity-seekingKamaledin Ghiasi Shirazi2024-3
Efficient Motif Discovery in Protein Sequences Using a Branch and Bound AlgorithmMahmoud Naghibzadeh,Abdorreza Savadi2024-4
Quality-of-Experience-Aware Computation Offloading in MEC-Enabled Blockchain-Based IoT NetworksMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam2024-4
REACH: Robust Efficient Authentication for Crowdsensing-based HealthcareHaleh Amintoosi2024-4
Robust hybrid learning approach for adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systemsAli Mehrizi,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2024-4
An Adaptive Cell Switch Off framework to Increase Energy Efficiency in Cellular NetworksSeyed Amin Hosseini Seno2024-5
Optimized short-term load forecasting in residential buildings based on deep learning methods for different time horizonsMohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam,Sara Ershadi nasab2024-5
An efficient mechanism for function scheduling and placement in function as a service edge environmentSaeid Abrishami2024-6
A distributed learning based on robust diffusion SGD over adaptive networks with noisy output dataAbdorreza Savadi,Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi2024-8
An assignment mechanism for workflow scheduling in Function as a Service edge environmentSaeid Abrishami2024-8