Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defined date of defense
Section Supervisor
Resource Discovery Architecture in Peer-to-Peer based volunteer GridToktam Ghafarian MabhootP.H.D.Deldari2011-01-31
Multi-BSP skeletons: an higher-order programming model for multi-core architrecturesAbdorreza SavadiP.H.D.Deldari2011-01-31
An Integrated Scalable Framework for Security Risk Analysis and Mitigation using Bayesian Decision NetworksMasoud khosravi FarmadM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2014-06-08
Toward Indoor Range Image Compression: A Multiscale Representation Approach Based on Planar Geometric Abstractionmahdi aghaeeP.H.D.Harati2014-10-16
Resource Management based on the Quality of Services in Ubiquitous Cloud EnvironmentsAlireza SalehanP.H.D.Deldari2014-10-18
Target tracking using trajectory graph based particle filteramin hashemiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2015-09-22
Realistic Computer Image Rendering by Tracing Generalized RaysMohammad Ahmadi AkbariM.Sc.Savadi2016-03-08
Hadoop Joint Named Entities Recognition and Disambiguating using conditional random fieldavat rezaeiM.Sc.Kahani2016-09-19
VoIP QoS Provisioning in Wireless Mesh Networks using Adaptive Network CodingHossein KhosraviroshkhariP.H.D.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2015-09-16
Reducing Convergence time and Preserving Privacy for cloud-based Demand Response using Network CodingEsmaeil SharifiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2017-03-14
To Improve Open-Flow protocol in software-based networks using fuzzy logicHussein Aqeel Hussein Al - AAsamM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2017-07-29
To Optimize The Node Placement In Wireless Mesh Networks By Using Algorithm PSOOsamah talib AlasadyM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2017-07-29
scheduling of Scientific workflow ensembles under budget and deadline constraints in IaaS cloudsanahita morvaridiP.H.D.Abrishami2017-08-07
Determining the Optimal Energy-Performance Operating Point for Soft-Core based Hemogeneous Multiprocessor Systemsfarshid samsamiP.H.D.Noori2017-01-25
Correlation of security event streams for detecting complex multi-step attacksAli Ahmadian RamakiP.H.D.Ghaemi Bafghi2017-12-21
Robust watermarking based on SVMZghair GhaziM.Sc.Taherinia2018-09-02
A Self-Healing Technique for Handling IllegalStateException in Android ApplicationsElham HayeriM.Sc.Paydar2018-09-09
Approximation of Distribution Functions with Renyi Divergencefarzaneh namdar siukyM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2018-09-12
Dynamic and adaptive energy-aware resource allocation in mobile edge computingSamaneh MahdizadehP.H.D.Abrishami2016-06-25
Training multi-prototype neural networks for multi-class classificationhassan safariP.H.D.Harati2019-02-25
Tamper Detection and Recovery in Medical Image Based on Machine Learning and Anistropic Multiscale TransformsFereshteh EbadiM.Sc.Taherinia2019-09-16
Title: Robust Kernel-based Quantized Entropy NMF method to improve Hyperspectral UnmixingHadi Jamshidi KargarM.Sc.Taherinia2019-09-22
Towards Optimization of Computational Offloading in UAV Mobile Edge Computing NetworksFarhad KazemiM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2019-09-22
An efficient hash-indexed based approach for Accurate disclosure of minisatellite in DNA sequencesReza BehboudiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2019-09-03
an adaptive semantic model to represent scientific articlesNadia ArminP.H.D.Kahani2019-12-15
Fast Long reads overlap extension towards subject s genome assemblyMahdie EghdamiP.H.D.Naghibzadeh2020-05-19
Reliability-Constrained Scheduling of Mixed-criticality Systems in Multicore Reconfigurable PlatformsSadegh SehatbakhshP.H.D.Sedaghat2020-08-06
Identifying and preventing Membership Inference Attack in machine learning modelsAla EkramifardP.H.D.Amintoosi2020-08-05
A hybrid context-aware method for the curation of data streamsMostafa MirzaieP.H.D.Behkamal2020-12-01
Providing an approximation algorithm for virtual machines placement on physical machines with the aim of reducing energy consumption in the cloud environmentZahra MahmoodabadiP.H.D.Nouri Baygi2020-11-08
knowledge graph completion using knowledge representation learningSajjad HaghighatM.Sc.Kahani2021-03-10
using stochastic structures for neural architecture searchAmir Hossein FarzinM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2021-03-10
Disk-based lock-free approach for parallel counting of k-mers frequenciesjavad kiaM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2021-02-18
a secure authentication protocol for cloud-assisted internet of things with physical unclonable functionsZAHRA KARIMIM.Sc.Amintoosi2021-03-14
Improving two-level DCT method watermarking with optimized embedding patternSamira ShojaeeM.Sc.Taherinia2021-03-07
High-Capacity Image Data Hiding of Scanned Text Documents Using Context ExtractionMahdieh BakhshiM.Sc.Taherinia2021-03-14
Fast and Accurate Image Retrieval using Knowledge Distillation from Multiple Deep pre-trained networksHassan SalmanM.Sc.Taherinia2021-03-08
A pattern-aware recommender system for composite servicesneda mohammadiP.H.D.Rasoolzadegan2021-03-18
design of auction based peer to peer energy trading marketfatemeh moradiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2021-03-14
An Optimized Resource Management Framework in Large-Scale IoTfarnad ahangariP.H.D.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2021-03-17
Batch Normalization based on Parameter Estimation over Dataset.Ali AlbawiP.H.D.Ghiasi Shirazi2021-03-13
adaptive filter for Interval Time Series data with uncertaintyMISAGHSADAT HEJAZIM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2021-02-18
meta-learning of descent-direction-based stochastic optimization using Hilbert neural networksAshkan Sadeghi LotfabadiP.H.D.Ghiasi Shirazi2021-07-10
Energy Optimization in Cellular Networks using Clustering Based CSOSeyyed Mohsen Safavi KoohsarehP.H.D.Mohajerzadeh2021-04-18
A feature-oriented model-based GUI test-generation approach for mobile appsAli Asghar YarifardP.H.D.Paydar2021-09-13
Query Formulation For Biomedical SLR Using Deep Neural NetworksHamid SajjadiM.Sc.Ensan2021-10-12
Explainability in Social Community Recommender SystemHavva AlizadehP.H.D.Behkamal2021-11-24
Learning positive and negative prototypes from limited dataMAHSA FAZAELI JAVANP.H.D.Monsefi2022-01-09
A distributed multi-agent semantic information fusion architecture based on cloud architectureRamin Rezvani Khorashadi zadehP.H.D.Kahani2021-12-16
fundus image synthesis at certain level of diabetic retinopathyAli HejratiM.Sc.Pourreza2022-02-17
Generating synthetic time series using generative adversarial networks and contrastive learningKhadijeh SadeghiM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2022-02-16
A Set-based Approach for Detecting Coincidentally Correct Test Cases to Improve Fault Localizationmohammad mahdi estesnaeiP.H.D.Araban2021-04-05
Intelligent Analysis of psychological characteristics in Persian-speaking users on Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemicMarzieh YavariM.Sc.Kahani2022-02-16
Fault tolerance improvement with power-consumption and performance-constraint awareness in SRAM-based FPGAs using hardware tasks schedulingZahra Shafiee NickM.Sc.Sedaghat2022-02-17
Explainable Neural Network-based Model for Evidence Detection and Analysis in Digital Forensics InvestigationTAHEREH NAYERIFARDP.H.D.Amintoosi2022-03-08
Federated Bulk Synchronous Parallel Model for Distributed Adaptive NetworksFatemeh BaraniP.H.D.Savadi2022-05-09
Expert-centric Evaluation scientific artifacts in software engineering using blockchain-based crowdsourcingMahboube Forghani M.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2022-02-16
Preparation and implementation of API security essentials and testcases for payment systemsVida SanaeiM.Sc.Amintoosi2022-09-21
Determining the fakeness of user reviews of online shops using visibility graphAsiye BahramiM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2022-09-21
An automated software-based framework for improving fault tolerance of ARM-based embedded systems against soft errors using instruction-level vulnerability assessmentHUSSIN ALHAJ AHMADP.H.D.Sedaghat2022-03-16
An Improving Resource Management based on Mapping of Virtual Machines in Software-Defined NetworkingMohammad Amin SoltaniP.H.D.Hosseini Seno2022-03-15
Efficiency of resource consumption according to the laws of light physics in simulating the sea surface using graphic shadersMohammad DaneshamoozM.Sc.Savadi2022-09-03
Financial Time Series forecasting by Experience Based adaptive learningAli MehriziP.H.D.Sadoghi Yazdi2022-11-28
Automatic KeyPhrases Generation in Biomedical TextsFatemeh TahmasbiM.Sc.Kahani2022-09-22
Generalized AutoencoderRazieh AminiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2022-09-19
A Pattern-Aware Decision Support System for Migration from Monolith to MicroservicesُShaghayegh IzadpanahP.H.D.Rasoolzadegan2022-12-28
A deep learning based method for android malware detectionAli OlyaeiM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2023-02-14
Scheduling sparse matrix based applications on heterogeneous CPU_GPU systemsAhmad Shokrani BaigiP.H.D.Savadi2022-11-29
Optimization of ant colony algorithm based on adaptive interactive learning in heterogeneous platformZeynab BahmanabadiM.Sc.Savadi2023-02-26
Blockchain-based secure supply chainMohammadreza ArabameriM.Sc.Amintoosi2023-01-24
Quality control in blockchain based supply chainsSadegh SohaniM.Sc.Allahbakhsh2023-01-29
Using indexing and quick determination of candidate sites on the reference genome to detect patient genomes short variationsMohammad Reza YeganehzadP.H.D.Naghibzadeh2023-04-26
Title: Using unitary operators and orthogonal bases in quantum computing to train neural networksElahe HosseinzadeM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2023-02-26
Partial Reliability for Multi Flows in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Dynamic Distributed CashingMalihe BahekmatP.H.D.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2014-01-05
A hybrid Knowledge Graph based approach for Semantic similarity of Arabic questionsAMMAR DHEYAA NOOR AL-EDHARIP.H.D.Kahani2023-06-13
Financial Time Series Forecasting using Deep state models based on Stochastic Differential EquationElaheh SoleymanpourP.H.D.Taherinia2023-05-15
Fraud or anomaly detection in blockchain by transfer learning and ensemble learningSamaneh PahlavaniM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2023-03-16
Presenting a multi-keyword query method on encrypted cloud data using deep learningZeinab AtaeiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2023-09-20
A cost-efficient cloud broker for running scientific workflows as a service using on-demand and reserved instances.Doaa AlmagsoosiP.H.D.Abrishami2023-09-25
Cold start management in serverless environment using prediction of future requestsAli PardeshenasM.Sc.Abrishami2023-09-20
Continuous Prompt Engineering for Medical Question Answering systemsFatemeh RahimfarkhaniM.Sc.Kahani2023-09-20
Quality of Experience Aware Computation Offloading in MEC-enabled Blockchain-based IoT NetworksMahsa Hosseinpour MoghaddamP.H.D.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2023-02-12
Interactive and imitative dynamic modeling for financial time series forecasting using stochastic differential equationsHAMIDREZA MORTEZAPOURP.H.D.Sadoghi Yazdi2023-09-20
Stateful Application Placement in Serverless Edge Computingjalal sakhdariP.H.D.Abrishami2023-10-10
improve efficiency of gpu-based Sparse Matrix-Matrix MultiplicationMaliheh HajarbarghiM.Sc.Savadi2023-09-20
A High-Level Knowledge Based Loss Function for Semantic Segmentation of Multi-Class Images with Imbalanced Classes Using Deep Neural NetworksZahra GhanaeiP.H.D.Rouhani2023-10-15
Indoor positioning using Wi-Fi fingerprintingMohammad Amin Naji MeidaniM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2023-10-17
Function placement and request scheduling of statefull function as a service workflows in edge computing with dynamic reconfigurationBehrooz ZolfaghariP.H.D.Abrishami2023-11-15
An enhanced intrusion detection system using dimensionality reduction and stacked ensemble learningALI AL-SAFFARP.H.D.Nouri Baygi2023-10-12
Deadline constrained scientific workflow scheduling with the aim of energy optimization in serverless computingseyyed heydar javadiP.H.D.Abrishami2023-11-29
Discriminative Learning for Positive and Negative PrototypesRamin Zarei SabzevarP.H.D.Harati2023-12-06
Video-based action quality assessment using sub-actions by enriching features based on self-supervised learningMarjan MazrueiP.H.D.Vahedian Mazloum2024-02-03
Visual place recognition in urban based on spatiotempotal relationships of objects in videosaeideh yousefzadeh maghaniP.H.D.Pourreza2024-02-03
Detection of bacterial strains using a reference-based approach in metagenomic samplesleili irankhahP.H.D.Savadi2023-12-20
Proposing a privacy-aware model for verifiable information sharing on blockchainMohammad GhahriM.Sc.Amintoosi2024-02-19
A Privacy-aware Decentralized Model for Phishing DetectionMohammad Mahdi RahimniaM.Sc.Amintoosi2024-02-19
privacy preserving in decetralized StorageKeivan VafaeeM.Sc.Allahbakhsh2024-02-19
Designing a deep learning privacy audit framework from a membership inference perspectivehamid karimkhaniP.H.D.Amintoosi2024-02-19
Fault Tolerance Improvement of LSTM Models Implemented on FPGA against Single Bit-Flip FaultsHossein AminiM.Sc.Sedaghat2023-09-21
Metalearning based on optimization in the environment of multimodal tasksPirooz HosnirokhP.H.D.Ghiasi Shirazi2024-02-19
Inferring the administrative and employment laws based on machine learning methods and large language modelsHojjat Hajizadeh NowkhandanM.Sc.Kahani2024-02-17
A knowledge graph-based explanation framework for AI-based mental disorders diagnosisReza SaeediP.H.D.Kahani2024-02-26
A Novel Intrusion Detection System Utilizing Ensemble Deep Learning Techniques and Enhanced Multi-Objective Optimization Methodology Focusing on DDoS attacksMahdi Fahem Abbas NajafiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2024-01-29
A cloud broker for executing budget-constrained scientific workflows using on-demand and spot instancesYahia ObayesP.H.D.Abrishami2024-04-24
Electricity consumption scheduling using artificial intelligenceAmirhosein KoohestaniM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2024-02-27
Improvement of the CoAP congestion control algorithm in the Internet of Things with computational intelligence methodsSeyed Mohammad Mahdi MusawyM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2024-02-28