Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defence Date
Section Supervisor
C4.5 Decision Tree Based on SVM Cost FunctionNima Salehi MoghaddamiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2010-08-01
virtual advertisement insertion in soccer scenes based on vanishing pointsVahid BabaeeM.Sc.Pourreza2010-10-07
A Gravitation based classificationShafigh ParsazadM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2011-08-14
Selection and combination of eigenvectors in transform spaceSoheila AshkezariM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2011-09-05
Gravity Centre Oriented Support Vector Data DescriptionYonos AllahyariM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2011-09-05
: Improvement Of Transport Protocols For VOIP NetworksAfsane ZahmatkeshM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2011-09-19
A distributed approach for mobility management in next generation networks Using SIPfahimeh akbariM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2011-09-21
Scalable rasoning on Dynamic RDFS/OWL knowledge-baseMajid SazvarM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2011-09-21
Content-Based Soccer Video Summarization In Encoded MPEG Videovahid kianiM.Sc.Pourreza2011-09-21
Designing Semantic Image CAPTCHAMaryam MehrnejadM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2011-09-21
Multiple Protein Sequence Alignment Based on Protein Family StructureSarvenaz HamidiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2011-09-21
pulmonary nodule detection in chest radiographyelaheh soleymanpourM.Sc.Pourreza2011-09-22
Text clustring using neighborhood concept and semantic similarityMalihe DaneshM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2011-09-22
Quantitative assessment of retinal images and automated screening of diabetic retinopathy based on geometrical wavelet transformselaheh imaniM.Sc.Pourreza2011-09-23
Privacy Preserving Utility Mining using Evolutionary AlgorithmsTaher RahgooyM.Sc.Monsefi2011-12-13
Fuzzy interval Q-learning for Cart-Pole systemsayyedmorteza hashemianM.Sc.Monsefi2011-12-13
Evaluation Of Retinal Vessel Tortuosity Via Contourlet TransformFarnoosh GhadiriM.Sc.Pourreza2012-02-05
Scalable Multiclass Classifier Model Based on Data Complexityhamid reza ghaffaryPhDSadoghi Yazdi2012-03-15
Constrained Semi-Supervised Clustering in Growing Self Organizing MapAmin AllahyarM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2012-06-17
measurement model estimation in particle filter using klmshamideh haeriM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2012-07-15
Conjunctival Vessel Segmentation Using Radon TransformSeyed Mohsen ZabihiM.Sc.Pourreza2012-07-15
discretization of numeric attributes in data streams with concept driftelham manouchehriM.Sc.Monsefi2012-07-15
Secure information exchange system based on steganographysaied ahoon maneshM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2012-07-24
Adaptive Neuron based on kernel least mean square with constraint growthzahra khandan khademorezaM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2012-08-06
A New Approach for Sentence Aligning to Create English-Persian Bilingual corporaahmad toosiM.Sc.Kahani2012-08-22
Improving English – Persian statistical machine translation with linguistics informationreza saeediM.Sc.Kahani2012-08-22
Design of a multiple classifier system based on behavior diversityMohammad Mehdi Salkhordeh haghighiPhDVahedian Mazloum2012-09-10
An improved method for minimizing blockage during end to end path computation in Multi-domain networks using dynamic pre-reservation timer.Fatemeh Banaie HeravanM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2012-09-19
Approximate Inference in Hybrid Bayesian NetworkMohadeseh DelavarianM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2012-09-20
Automatic skeleton estimation using motion capture dataShohreh HaddadanM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2012-09-30
Ensemble One-Class Support Vector Data DescriptionNeshat SalehiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2012-10-01
Developing an algorithm to improve QoS of delay intolerant traffic in the InternetMahsa PourvaliM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2012-10-03
Detection of neovascularization in retinal images using textural extractionMaryam VatanparastM.Sc.Harati2012-10-04
Trajectory control of Robot manipulator using PID and modified ANFIS controllerMehdi NaderiM.Sc.Monsefi2012-10-06
A Nash Genetic Algorithm for ‎2D packing‎ with New efficiency functionMohammad Taghi GhamshekanM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2012-10-06
An extended local method for stereo image matchingRazieh MooriYamiM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2012-10-06
Learning Bayesian structure for Data StreamsOmid KeivaniM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2012-10-14
particle detection in low contrast transparent surfacesSarvenaz MilanizadehM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2012-12-02
Automatic detection of retinopathy Hemorrhages in color fundus imagesSara DaneshvarM.Sc.Harati2012-12-05
Online Semi-Supervised Music Recommenderfaraj mansouriM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2012-12-14
A Hybrid Recommender System Using Semantic Web and Social Network Technologiesmohsen abasiM.Sc.Monsefi2013-01-09
Quorum based Medium Access Control for Multi-hop Wireless NetworksGholamhossein EkbatanifardPhDMonsefi2013-01-16
adaptive case based reasoning using machine learning techniquesmansoore sharifiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2013-01-20
Bayesian Network Structure Learning from Datakobra etminaniPhDNaghibzadeh2013-01-23
Automatic Semantic Evaluation of Persian Text Summarizer with using WordNetAhmad EstiryM.Sc.Kahani2013-02-02
Single Frame Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Complete Databaseseyede hamideh erfaniM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2013-02-03
Distributed RDFS Knowledge-based System Update in Case of DeletionsHamid OliaeiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2013-02-03
Deductive Kalman Filter; used in additive abrupt Change DetectionSeyedMohammadAli MajidiAnvariM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2013-03-10
Ensemble of weighted Distances Classification (EDC)Javad HamidzadehPhDMonsefi2013-03-13
Secure Communication Framework Design for Smart MetersQurban Ali FrughM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2013-05-05
Linear classification of non-linearly separable patterns by constraints exclusionHassan AbbassiPhDMonsefi2013-05-09
Directional Image Coding using nonseparable transformsBoshra RajaeiPhDPourreza2013-06-22
providing Quality Of Service in the smart grid using queuing theory and chossing the propoer communication infrastructremarzieh keyvanlo shahrestanakiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2013-09-16
developing a centralized trust-based routing framework to detect compromised node in WSNfatemeh hajibabaeiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2013-09-18
A tool for Detection and Persistance of Web Applications against SQLI AttacksZeinab LashkaripourM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2013-09-18
Weighting approach to online classification of non-stationary and imbalanced data streamsAdel GhazikhaniPhDMonsefi2013-09-19
semantic stigmergy in multi agent systemszahra keivanlouM.Sc.Kahani2013-09-21
Association Rule Mining from Semantic Data Streamsashraf heydariM.Sc.Kahani2013-09-21
Design and Implementation of Proactive Overload Control Mechanism for SIP Serversahmadreza montazerolghaemM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2013-09-21
Head pose estimation for eye disorders detectionMohsen Asghari AmreiM.Sc.Pourreza2013-09-22
A Group-based trust propagation method for dynamic web of trustFatima Rahman EsaM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2013-09-24
Feature extraction for designing an automatic screening system to detect the glaucoma disease using by OCT and Fundus imagesFatemeh Sadat Faal Hosseini MazloumM.Sc.Pourreza2013-10-01
Object Detection based on Visual Attention in RGBD ImagesMohammadJafar ShokriM.Sc.Harati2013-10-01
Title: Extraction and description of feature points and regions in RGB-D imagesMohammad Mahdi ManafzadeTabrizM.Sc.Harati2013-10-01
Using intermediate results of SPARQL queries in local distributed environmentAlieh SaeediM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2013-10-05
Modularization of Graph-Structured Ontology with Semantic Similaritysoudabeh ghafourianM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2013-10-05
Thermal Management of Multicore processors at Full WorkloadVahid KeykhaeiM.Sc.Noori2013-10-05
Intelligent Firewall for SCADA control systems over internetRAMIN RABBANIM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2013-10-06
A framework for dynamic thermal management for SMT multi-core processorsBagher SalamiM.Sc.Noori2013-10-06
Improvement of multiple homologous gene lists by readjustment of link weight and realignment of conflict areassomayeh khaki yadegarM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2013-10-06
Traffic-Rate-Aware and Dynamic Algorithm for WBASNzeynab sharifi kiyaM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2014-01-01
A Scalable Entity Based RDF Indexingfateme abiriM.Sc.Kahani2014-02-08
Using Focused Web Crawling for Enhancing Semantic Web Documnet Accessreihaneh emamdadiM.Sc.Kahani2014-02-09
Harmonic Partitioned Hard Real-Time Scheduling for Periodic Tasks on Multicore systemsmaryam mirzaeeM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2014-02-16
A dynamic model for security risk assessment for SCADAfateme khosraviparsaM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2014-02-16
Extending Bayesian Networks with Fuzzy Probabilities for Fuzzy DataMostafa GhazizadehAhsaeePhDNaghibzadeh2014-02-25
compact incremental learning machineMojtaba NayyeriM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2014-03-16
Usage of trust-aware confidence to deal with unfair recommendationsfereshte ilaniM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2014-04-20
Design of Energy and delay Efficient Routing Algorithm with Load Balancing in Multi Sink Multi Source Wireless Sensor NetworksSARA ZAFAR JAFARZADEHM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2014-05-03
A Computational Model for Confidence-based Trust ManagementHassan ShakeriPhDGhaemi Bafghi2014-05-14
Designing a Cross Layer Routing Protocol with End to End Reliability for WSNssima abroshanM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2014-06-01
Wormhole Attack Prevention Algorithm in Cluster Base ProtocolsMasouma HeidariM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2014-06-03
Congestion Control in Multi-class Wireless Sensor Networks based on Multi Resource ManagementNazbanoo FarzanehPhDYaghmaee Moghaddam2014-06-09
A Linked Data Driven Approach to Reusability in Web EngineeringSamad PaydarPhDKahani2014-06-11
A Metric-driven Approach for Assessment of Inherent Quality Of Linked Open Data sourcesBehshid BehkamalPhDKahani2014-06-12
robust classification models with high generalization and low training time for uncertain datayahya forghaniPhDSadoghi Yazdi2014-06-25
Detection and Prevention of SIP Flooding Attacks based on Information TheoryReihaneh MahdizadehM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2014-09-17
Estimation based Routing and Scheduling in Wireless Sensor NetworksAmirHossein MohajerzadehPhDYaghmaee Moghaddam2014-09-18
Depth-image Compression Using Adaptive and Non-adaptive Geometrical WaveletsMajid Yaghouti JafarabadM.Sc.Harati2014-09-21
A Novel Quantum Algorithmfor Resource ConstrainedProject Scheduling Problemmohammad kheirandishM.Sc.Monsefi2014-09-22
Density-oriented Fisher classifierMahboube GhasempourM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2014-09-22
Extract and Describe keypoint in RGB-D ImagesAzam RahimiM.Sc.Harati2014-09-22
enhancement RGBD image segmentation using markov random fieldTaha HamedaniM.Sc.Harati2014-09-22
Automatic Diagnosis of Usual Ductal Hyperplasia Using Histopathological Imagesnajmeh najmiM.Sc.Pourreza2014-09-22
Robust Pedestrian Detection & Tracking in Visible-Infrared Video Sequence Fusion using Multiple Features Fusion Based on AdaBoost AlgorithmFatemeh AghaeiM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2014-09-22
Combination of Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with Earliest Ready Time for Aircraft Sequencing Problemseyed mostafa mortazavikiaM.Sc.Monsefi2014-09-22
Identifying individuals’ personality through their voiceelnaz mohammadiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2014-09-22
Designing A CAPTCHA Based on Visual IllusionsSina RastegarM.Sc.Pourreza2014-09-22
Marker based Human Pose Estimation In Multi View Using Annealed PSOashraf sharifiM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2014-09-22
Density oriented structural twin support vector machineRamin RezvaniM.Sc.Monsefi2014-09-22
ECG Signal Compression and Reconstruction using Compressive Sensing and Wavelet Transformraheleh hallajM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2014-09-22
Proposing a Diskless Checkpointing Method for Error Recovery Safety-Critical Embedded Multiprocessor Systemssima nokariziM.Sc.Sedaghat2014-09-23
a triple based question answering system using semantic role labelinghadi ghaemiM.Sc.Kahani2014-09-24
Persian FAQ Retrieval System based on Ontology and User ProfilesMorteza Pourreza ShahriM.Sc.Kahani2014-09-25
Distributed Semi Dynamic Gird Scheduling Algorithm With Local Load Balancing CapabilityHadi Bakhshayesh avvalM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2014-09-28
Collaborative Intrusion Detection System based bayesLeila ZolfaghariM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2014-09-28
Content& Link Analysis Based Ranking of SPARQL Query ResultsAzam FeyzniaM.Sc.Kahani2014-09-30
Estimating core temperature using performance counters by considering Thermal effect of neighborhoodiman hasanzadeM.Sc.Noori2014-10-04
Two-way approach to Multiple homologous gene lists alignmentzahra karimiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2014-10-06
Incentive mechanism for cooperative data replication in MANETs using game theoretic approachAlireza TajalliM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2014-10-07
A method for self-configuring a cluster of virtual servers to reduce power consumptionOmidreza BagheriM.Sc.Abrishami2014-10-07
A Forethoughtful Power-Aware Meta-Scheduler For Computational GridsHamid SaadatfarPhDDeldari2014-10-18
High-Level and Workload-Driven Computational Power Consumption ModelingHamid FadisheiPhDDeldari2014-10-18
Energy-aware data gathering approach for time-constrained applications of Wireless Sensor Network with mobile sinkfarzad tashtarianPhDYaghmaee Moghaddam2014-10-22
Proposing a Control Flow Error Detection Technique based on Hardware Facilities of ProcessorJavad YousefiM.Sc.Sedaghat2014-10-28
Fact Extraction from Persian Context as RDF FormatTooba FadaeeM.Sc.Kahani2015-01-21
Scheduling in Hybrid cloud with maintaining data privacyHamid Reza AbrishamiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2015-01-26
State Estimation Based On Constraints Learningreza izanlooM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2015-01-29
Automatic Grading of Cortical, Nuclear and Posterior Sub Capsular Cataract with Slit-lamp Photosvajihe jamiM.Sc.Pourreza2015-01-30
Traffic-Aware Network Coding based Routing in Wireless Mesh NetworksAfsaneh NouriM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2015-03-07
Exploration of Ring Oscillator-Based Temperature Sensors Design Space for Providing Thermal Map of FPGA-Based MPSoCsNavid RahmanikiaM.Sc.Noori2015-03-09
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) improvement for using in smart gridMitra FarshchianM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2015-05-11
Service Quality Enhancement and Demand Response Management in Future Smart Grid in Presence of Critical Demand SituationsMorteza MoghaddassianM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2015-05-25
Opinion mining in Persian language based on extracting and matching sentences sentiment patternsseyed muhammad asghariM.Sc.Kahani2015-06-24
An community detection algorithm based on maximal cliques in social networksehsan sarrafzadehM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2015-07-05
Thermal Management of a FPGA-Based Soft-core Processor System using Dynamic Frequency ScalingPoorya Raoofi ChafiM.Sc.Noori2015-07-15
Dynamic pricing model based on two-sided auction on cloud computinghussein shakibaM.Sc.Abrishami2015-09-14
Improving Software Voters for Safety-Critical Embedded SystemsMohammadreza RezaeiM.Sc.Sedaghat2015-09-15
Traffic-Aware Virtual Sensor Placement And Migration In Sensor-Cloud Networksfarahnaz farazestanianM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2015-09-15
virtual sensor management in sensor-cloud networksatefeh alizadehM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2015-09-15
A probability based method for predicting protein beta-sheets using integer programmingmahdie eghdamiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2015-09-15
Assessing the Interlinking of a Linked Dataset based on RDF Graph MetricsNajme YaghoutiM.Sc.Kahani2015-09-19
Extract 3D map of choroidal vessels in EDI-OCT Imagesseyyede fateme motallebyM.Sc.Pourreza2015-09-20
Fast 3D Scene Reconstruction using Plane Primitives in RGBD Image StreamsMahdi AlehdaghiM.Sc.Harati2015-09-20
Scheduling data-driven workflows in multiple-cloud environmentNafise SoezyM.Sc.Abrishami2015-09-20
Designing business Intelligence Base on Research Data Ontology (Case study: Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad)Marzieh RaoufnezhadM.Sc.Kahani2015-09-20
Outlier detection in regression using spectrum measureHossein ArdeshiriM.Sc.Monsefi2015-09-21
Design of an automated system for detection and classification of power quality disturbancesMaryam Moein DarbariM.Sc.Pourreza2015-09-21
Sample weighting according to geometrical structure based on sparse representationehsan shamsM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2015-09-21
Extending the linux operating system for thermal management of Microblaze soft processortayyebeh hashamdarM.Sc.Noori2015-10-06
The Least Sum Square Error Followed By Prior knowledgefariba pakizehhajiyarM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2015-12-14
Energy-efficient VM Scheduling in IaaS cloudsayyed ali nadjarM.Sc.Abrishami2016-01-16
Thermal-Aware Work-Stealing for Multi-Core ProcessorsNasim Valipour-khonakdariM.Sc.Noori2016-01-17
Process Similarity Assessment Using Ontology MatchingSAREH SADEGHIANASLM.Sc.Kahani2016-01-24
semantic fragmentation of a process model using ontologysomaye hosein zadeM.Sc.Kahani2016-01-24
Improving HEFT Algorithm For Scheduling Workflowselham dolkhaniM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2016-01-27
Trajectory Object Tracking Using Probability Smoothed Kalman FilerFahime FarahiM.Sc.Taherinia2016-03-09
RGBD Image Inpainting using Markov Random Field ModelMahla NejatiM.Sc.Harati2016-03-09
Demand Side Management based on Central Optimization for The Smart GridBehzad BarabadiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-04-16
Improving Effectiveness of Software Fault Tolerance Techniques Using Static Analysis in The Safety Critical Embedded Systemssomayeh nezamdoostM.Sc.Sedaghat2016-07-24
Rich Internet Application Crawling Improvement Using Risk ModelMohammad JafarnezhadGhomiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2016-08-28
Dynamic QOS Aware trust model for routing in MANETmahboobe modabber aziziM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2016-08-29
Image and Video denoising technique based on block shearlet transformHojjat Bagherzadeh HosseinAbadM.Sc.Harati2016-08-30
Adaptive region based semi-fragile image watermarking for tamper detection and self-recoverySeyyed Hossein SoleymaniM.Sc.Taherinia2016-09-06
A Bot Detection system For Massively Multiplayer Online Games Based on Players Movement Patternsreza darroodiM.Sc.Araban2016-09-10
A Foresight Model for Intrusion Response SystemMohammad GhasemiGolPhDGhaemi Bafghi2016-09-10
A Framework for Organizational Adoption Factors of the Enterprise Social NetworksArezoo NajiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2016-09-16
Robust Learning from CrowdsSaeid AbbaasiM.Sc.Monsefi2016-09-17
Improving Computer Networks Security Risk Assessment using Bayesian Attack GraphElham AsghariM.Sc.Araban2016-09-18
Representation of a new HCRF with structured hidden units and Application printed Farsi/Arabic character segmentationMostafa RafieeM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2016-09-19
Increasing quality of process mining event log using the bin log of databaseshokoufeh ghalibafanM.Sc.Kahani2016-09-19
Software failure prediction using Fuzzy Hidden Semi-Markov ModelMostafa HeidaryM.Sc.Sedaghat2016-09-19
Hair removal in Melanoma images based on sparse radon transformsara khanderooyM.Sc.Pourreza2016-09-19
compressive video sensing based sparse representation using two dictionaryali tavanaM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2016-09-19
Weighted Semi-Supervised Manifold Clustering based on Distance Metric Learningamir abediM.Sc.Monsefi2016-09-19
Robust Visual Tracking via Contextual Informationsaeede ghaffarianM.Sc.Taherinia2016-09-19
Scheduling Scientific Workflow Ensembles under Deadline and Budget Constraints in Cloud ComputingMahmood RezaeeM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2016-09-19
Design the OpenADR Based Demand Response Architecture with AMI Integration Capabilities in Cloud Computinglida safarzadehM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-09-19
Compression of color retina images using sparse representationshirin sanatiM.Sc.Pourreza2016-09-19
Training Latent-Dynamic Conditional Random Field Model on Unsegmented Data SequencesAmir Ahooye AtashinM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2016-09-21
A New Method for View-Independent Calibration of Multi Video Projector DisplaysShahaboddin Askarian BajestaniM.Sc.Pourreza2016-09-21
presenting a call admission control system based on voice quality parameter and blocking ratehooman mansoori boroujeniM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-09-21
Energy efficient spectroscopy cooperative algorithm based on priority in cognitive radio networkshamed sadeghiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2016-09-21
Improving Stateful Robustness Testing of Embedded Real-Time Operating SystemsRaheleh ShahpasandM.Sc.Sedaghat2016-09-21
Bandwidth Optimization in VOIP Connectionshossein rafieyM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2016-09-21
Process similarity measuring using Tree similarityjalal sakhdariM.Sc.Kahani2016-09-21
optimal placement of aggregators in AMI system of smart gridmahsa tavasoliM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-09-21
Automatic separation and identification of retinal vessels based on graph theoryZahra GhanaeiM.Sc.Pourreza2016-09-21
scheduling concurrent execution of kernels in GPUrasoul mohammadiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2016-09-21
Hybrid Scalable File Recommender System in Academic Social Networksmahdi nematpourM.Sc.Deldari2016-09-21
multiple layer neural nerwork with kernel inputAhmad Navid GhanizadehM.Sc.Monsefi2016-09-21
SIP normal traffic modeling with Finite State Machine for anomaly detection in VoIPmahsa hossein pour moghaddamM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-09-21
Sampling based on Renyi’s Divergence applied to Large data reductionabolfazl ramezanzadeh yazdiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2016-09-21
Expectation maximization based on particle filtersoraj sadeghtabarM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2016-09-21
A Geometry-Preserving Video Compression Approach to Encode Indoor Depth Image Streamvahid kianiPhDHarati2016-09-29
VoIP QoS Provisioning in Wireless Networks using Call Admission ControlGesoon AlabbasM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2016-10-17
Demand Side Management Controlling with Personalized Pricing and Energy Allocation in the Smat GridMikhak Samadi KouhiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2016-12-19
Abnormal Head Posture Detection Based on Conv. Neural NetworkMahdi Abolfazli EsfahaniM.Sc.Pourreza2016-12-27
Scheduling Workflows on Cloud Computing Platform Consisted of Multicore Computers Regarding Time and CostArash DeldariPhDNaghibzadeh2017-01-05
Reliability and makespan Improvement of Hardware Tasks in Reconfigurable PlatformsReza RamezaniPhDSedaghat2017-01-22
The New Efficient and Software-Oriented Lightweight Block Cipher for Wireless Sensor Networksjaber hossein zadehM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2017-01-28
Coded Aperture Photography based on Image Quality Assessment Criteriamina masoudifarPhDPourreza2017-02-09
Improving control flow errors detection based on hardware facilities in a modern multi-core processorHUSSEN ALHAJ AHMADM.Sc.Sedaghat2017-02-14
Appropriate replica allocation with an incentive mechanism for cooperative data replication in MANETs-A Game Theoretica and Credit based Approach.navid sedighM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-02-18
Keyword-based Question Answering System Using Dynamic SPARQL Templatesfatemeh mirahmadiM.Sc.Kahani2017-02-28
Designing an FPGA-based Hardware for Accelerating Short Read Mapping Algorithmsmostafa morshediM.Sc.Noori2017-03-16
Label denoising based on Bayesian aggregationParsa BagherzadehM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2017-05-10
Cluster based routing by using Moth-flame optimization algorithmAHMED ALSUHAIBM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-06-25
Extracting internet usage pattern of students by web log analysisMaram AswadM.Sc.Behkamal2017-07-27
DNS Tunneling Detection Method Based On Multi-Label Support Vector MachineAHMED HASHIM MURTADHA AL MUSAWIM.Sc.Amintoosi2017-07-27
controlling a mobile robot with an arm and live video via internet using raspberry pizaid JERYOM.Sc.Noori2017-07-27
Providing an efficient algorithm to solve barrier coverage of wireless sensor network using Fuzzy LogicMuntadher talib NayyefM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2017-07-29
developing an optimal method for efficient deployment nodes to network using the algorithm metaphorical competition and Fuzzy LogicSajjad Al_mohammedM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2017-07-29
Smart Door System for home security Using raspberry pi3Naser Abbas HusseinM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2017-08-04
Noise-Robust Least Square Method for TDOA Source Location EstimationAhmed Al-asadiM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2017-08-05
Using PSO Algorithm For Production Best Rule For Heart DiseaseAzhar Hussein AlkeshuoshM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2017-08-09
Class Structure Aware Error Correcting Code Classification Using Clusteringkawkab AlmusawiM.Sc.Harati2017-08-12
Generalization and speeding up of adaptive geometrical wavelets for extreme compression of fingerprint and retina imagesHamid MansouriPhDPourreza2017-08-13
A Rule-Based Computational model for Coreference Resolution in multi sentences of Arabic LanguageHussein Ali Shatti Al- HraishawiM.Sc.Kahani2017-08-13
SMS Security by Elliptic Curve and Chaotic Encryption AlgorithmsABBAS MONES FARAJ THAJEELM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-08-15
An improved multi-objective PSO algorithm for workflow scheduling in cloud by improving the initial populationAMER ALBUSHAMKHEEM.Sc.Abrishami2017-08-16
An improved multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for workflow scheduling in cloud by improving the initial populationAli Arkan hadi ALezziM.Sc.Abrishami2017-08-16
Design combined web services for providing municipal servicesAli AlhwayzeeM.Sc.Araban2017-08-27
Training Multilayer Neural Networks using Extended Normalized LMSAhmed AlkhafajiM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2017-09-02
Pedestrain Detection in Thermal Bands Images Based On Saliency MapAlaa Al-majdiM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2017-09-02
Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Saliency MapAli Al-MohammedawiM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2017-09-02
Centralized Data Congestion Control Strategy for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using optimization approachAbbas Mohammed Luaibi AljaberM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-09-02
Rule Optimization on C5 Classification Using Genetic Algorithm for Liver diseasemafazal yaqeen hassoonM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2017-09-03
A computing NLP model based for Pronoun Resolution in a single sentence of Arabic LanguageZaher AL RifaieM.Sc.Kahani2017-09-04
Optimization and Reliability in Routing of Mobile Wireless Networks Using Sine Cosine AlgorithmHydar Jabar Sabat AhilyM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-09-05
A predictive model for early detecting acute Leukemia by using features analysis methodsinas al mansooriM.Sc.Behkamal2017-09-05
Identification and prediction of Network problems using anomaly detection methodsSAIF AlakaysheeM.Sc.Behkamal2017-09-06
Automatic Image Annotation using Block Principal Pivoting MethodHAZIM MOHAMMAD ALI ISSA AL-RIKABIM.Sc.Taherinia2017-09-11
Automatic Image Annotation using Hierarchical Alternating Least SquaresFadhel Mohammed Jawad Al - IbadiM.Sc.Taherinia2017-09-11
Protein β-Sheets Structure Prediction Using Improved β-Strands Alignment and Effective Dynamic ProgrammingMostafa SabzekarPhDNaghibzadeh2017-09-13
Improve Microaneurysm Detection in Fundus Images Using a Convolutional Neural Networksnoushin eftekhariM.Sc.Pourreza2017-09-14
A partitioning and Scheduling Algorithm for Static Priority Real-time Tasks on Distributed Multicore SystemsMojtaba HatamiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2017-09-16
Written Informal Sentiment Representation Using Fusion of Similar Word Vectors for Sentiment Classificationfariba yariM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2017-09-16
Optimal node placement (Access Points) in wireless mesh networks by using Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithmsheydar chaloobM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2017-09-16
Scheduling Hybrid Workflows using Extended Look-Ahead Approach in the Cloud Computingshahab nassiriM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2017-09-16
Convolutional Kernel Networks based on a Convex Combination of Cosine KernelsMohammadreza Mohammadnia QaraeiM.Sc.Monsefi2017-09-16
A New Approach for Quantitative Measurement of Software Quality from the Perspective of Qualitative Attributes Affected by Design Patternssaeideh monfaredM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2017-09-17
ii Department of Computer Engineering Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Master's Dissertation Clustering to annotate images with the use of spatial informationMONA ZAMIRIM.Sc.Monsefi2017-09-17
Using geodesic active contour for computer-aided detection of pulmonary embolismmojtaba masoudiM.Sc.Pourreza2017-09-17
Locally-Linear Crowdsourced ClassificationMahla EsmaeilyM.Sc.Monsefi2017-09-17
System Level Multi-Core Thermal Management for Work-Stealing Based Parallel ProgramsHamid GoharjooM.Sc.Noori2017-09-17
A New Method for Improving the Quality of GoF Design Patterns SelectionRaheleh RahmatiM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2017-09-18
Android Malware Detection Based on Refinement of Static FeaturesMaryam NezhadKamaliM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-09-18
Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Earthquake by Using Sub-Concepts Tracking with Machine Learning Methodsakram tahanM.Sc.Monsefi2017-09-18
Noise and Outlier Robust Metric Learning ApproachReza AghapourM.Sc.Monsefi2017-09-18
Using Euclidean Distance and Explicit Positive and Negative Patterns in Single-layer and Convolutional Neural NetworksRamin Zarei SabzevarM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2017-09-19
Inpainting Depth Data Using Markov Random Field and Machine Learningshima heidariM.Sc.Taherinia2017-09-19
Determination the Optimal Energy-Efficient Operating Points for Phoenix++ FrameworkHoma ShafieiM.Sc.Noori2017-09-19
GPU-assisted RansomwareMohammad BehanM.Sc.Savadi2017-09-19
Generating inverted index files from textual Big Data using Hadoop MapReduceAhmad ArabM.Sc.Abrishami2017-09-19
Flexible, Memory-efficient signature-based intrusion detection systemYaghoub PourrahmanM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2017-09-19
Connectionist Temporal Classification with Intrinsic Chain Markov ModelAshkan Sadeghi LotfabadiM.Sc.Harati2017-09-19
Soft Margin stabilized Infinite Kernel LearningSamir GhorbaaniM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2017-09-19
Large Scale Multimodal Distance Metric LearningAli Mohammed Azeez AlhusainiM.Sc.Monsefi2017-09-19
A new method to improve the quality of design patterns detection in codezeynab shahbaziM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2017-09-20
An Improved Workflow Scheduling Algorithm for Stream Processing Systems in Heterogenous ClustersَAMir FirouziM.Sc.Abrishami2017-09-20
A Big Data Compatible Architecture for Detecting External PlagiarismHamid RouhaniM.Sc.Kahani2017-09-20
Improving the security of CAN protocol for embedded systems and FPGA implementationmohamad sadegh monfaredM.Sc.Noori2017-09-20
Bandwidth Optimization in Multicast Video Streaming over SDNMOHAMMAD EBRAHIM POURM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-09-20
Data hiding: Two efficient watermarking methods for tamper detection and recovery in color and gray digital imagesBehrouz Bolourian HaghighiM.Sc.Taherinia2017-09-20
Prediction of dumb node data in sensor cloud networkseyedehfatemeh seyedmousaviM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-09-20
Adaptive rule base phishing detection against URL obfusticationEmad MahmodiM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2017-09-20
Design the AMI services based on Software Defined NetworkingAli SeyedAbadiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2017-09-20
Cloud-based architecture design for smart grid servicesMohammadSadegh ModirKhorasaniM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2017-09-20
RNA Short-read Alignment based on meta-data approach with GPU-acceleratedhadi hajimohammadiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2017-09-20
A MultiHop Energy-efficient Thermal-aware Routing protocoltahereh saadatM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-09-20
interacting multiple model algorithm with combined estimation coefficientReza NourbakhshM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2017-09-21
SIP Overload Prevention using Resource ManagementAhmadreza MontazerolghaemPhDYaghmaee Moghaddam2017-09-21
Image annotation with combination of concept-dependent encoder-decoder modelsMilad BahramiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2017-09-21
Distributed Scheduling of Reconfiguration Task in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor NetworksPeyman NeamatollahiPhDNaghibzadeh2017-09-21
Improving Learning in Multilayer Neural Networks by adding Unsupervised Learning LayersSUMIA ABDULHUSSIEN RAZOOQ AL OBAIDIM.Sc.Harati2017-09-27
Designing a recommendation system in social networks using link prediction and classification techniques to suggest a friendAhmed Ali Talib Al-KhazaaliM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2017-10-31
Intelligent Decision-Making at the Edge of the Networks in an IoT-Based Healthcare System Using Fog ComputingNoor Mueen Mohammed Ali HayderM.Sc.Noori2017-11-22
Learning Scalable Similarity measure based on Structure of DataDavood ZabihzadehPhDMonsefi2017-11-24
On the spanning ratio of Yao graphsMARYAM HsainiM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2017-11-25
Enhance security in cloud using efficient ciphertext-policy attribute based encryptionZahraa Muneer Ahmed Al - JuaifariM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2017-12-19
WOA (Whale Optimization Algorithm) – Based Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworkYaarob AbdullahM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2017-12-19
An integrated semantic framework for structured opinion summarizationEhsan AsgarianPhDKahani2017-12-21
Batch-PCA for Accelerated Training of Convolutional Neural NetworksALI HASAN ISMAEL AL BAWIM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2017-12-26
A Sleep-scheduling Mechanism Using Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor NetworksWIDAD KHALAF DHRAIS ALSANGOORM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2017-12-26
Mining Optimal Execution Trace from Event LogsAsef Pourmasoumi HassankiadehPhDKahani2018-01-07
A Hybrid Recommender System Based on Three Methods for Book RecommendatonMustafa Hameed Abdulsada AlajamiM.Sc.Ensan2018-01-08
A collabarative filtering system for recommending books based on different model-based and memory-based methodsMaytham AlmusawiM.Sc.Ensan2018-01-08
A Clustering – Based Approach for Test Case Selection in Regression TestingSHAMALA FATLAWIM.Sc.Paydar2018-01-09
Energy efficient clustering using PSO in sensor networksfiras riyadh murad alhamadaniM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2018-01-13
Estimation of Camera Spectral Sensitivity Function by Neural NetworkُSEDIGHEH CHAJIM.Sc.Pourreza2018-01-15
Process drift detection in business process logs using deep learningfatemeh khojastehM.Sc.Kahani2018-01-15
Proposing a new classification for anti-patternsMARIAM KOULIM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2018-01-29
A Cooperation of Fog Computing and Smart Gateways in a Secure and Efficient Architecture for IoT-Based Smart HomesSAHAR AL SHAMMARIM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2018-01-31
Separation of Retinal Image Components by Extending Morphological Component Analysis with Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learningmalihe javidiPhDPourreza2018-02-01
Multiple Face Detection and Tracking from Video SequencesMOHAMMED JERYOM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2018-02-05
Efficient Routing algorithm for WSNDOUA FURAJYM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2018-02-07
A New Approach to Address The Equivalent Mutants Problem in Mutation TestingMahdi HoushmandM.Sc.Paydar2018-02-17
Enhancing an Economical and Reliable Solution for Smart Street LightingHAMID AL BUNDAM.Sc.Savadi2018-02-18
Network-aware energy efficient placement of VMs in IaaS Cloudsneda mohammadiM.Sc.Abrishami2018-02-18
A multi-stream framework for human action recognition in video using a saliency mapVida Adeli MosabbebM.Sc.Harati2018-02-18
Study and Analysis of Scalability of Ring Oscillator-based Thermal Sensors in FPGAsSepehr ZohoorM.Sc.Noori2018-02-19
Implementing an Evolutionary-based Fuzzy-Cmeans Clustering Algorithm Using Graphics Processing UnitDavoud NasrabadiM.Sc.Savadi2018-02-19
Develop a cloud-based distance learning management systemWESAM ALI BAQER ALGASMM.Sc.Savadi2018-02-19
Optimal Camera Placement Using Sine-CosineAhmed Abdulrazzaq Yaseen FatlawiM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2018-02-19
Improving the EPSM workflow scheduling algorithm using partial critical pathsYahia ObayesM.Sc.Abrishami2018-03-03
Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Markov Random FieldsBehnaz ElhaminiaM.Sc.Taherinia2018-03-10
Scalabe Local Metric based on PA (Passive/Aggressive)BAIDA ABDULREDHA HAMDANM.Sc.Monsefi2018-04-25
Surveillance Traffic Efficient Collecting for Wireless Mesh Software Defined NetworksNemat Allah BiabaniM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2018-05-15
Robust Metric Learning via Re-Scaled Hinge Lossali salim rasheedM.Sc.Monsefi2018-05-29
Semantics-enabled User Interest Mining from Social Networks by Modeling TopicsFattane ZarrinkalamPhDKahani2018-07-06
Genetic algorithm to solve university course timetabling problemEKHLAS GHALEB ABDULKADHIM ALJUMAILIM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2018-08-04
A New Remote Biometric User Identification Based on Sparse Coding for Secure Access to IoT ServicesAli Jaber Taresh AlchaabM.Sc.Amintoosi2018-08-05
Design and Implementation of a novel recruitment and incentive allocation framework in multi task-requester participatory sensing systemmilad davariM.Sc.Amintoosi2018-08-05
Performance Models for Configurable Processorsseyedehmaryam shahcheraghiM.Sc.Noori2018-08-26
An SDN-based Mobility Management Algorithm for Smart Objects in the Internet of ThingsAYMEN AL-BKHATIM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2018-09-02
Implementation of big data in Hadoophasanain alzuabidiM.Sc.Savadi2018-09-04
Intrusion detection system using big data analytic and deep learningsoosan naderiM.Sc.Kahani2018-09-05
shortest path problem with polygonal barriers and rotation angle and minimum distance restrictions between two consecutive rotationsmohammad reza ranjbar divkotiM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2018-09-08
The Internet of Things and Its Role in Smart Home Energy ManagementAli Jawad Mohammed Ali WitwitM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2018-09-09
Optimize the allocation of network traffic based on IoT data Using Clustering in Smart CitySamer Mohsen mtlak Al MohseenM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2018-09-09
Online assignment of virtual nodes not defined by networking software to physical network nodesHasan Attwan Hashim AlmutarM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2018-09-09
Design and Implementations of Building Smart Energy Manager SystemAMMAR HUSSAIN ALJANABIM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2018-09-09
A deep network approach using nonlinear features for P300 BCI spellerHamed GhazikhaniM.Sc.Rouhani2018-09-10
Improving Model-Based Software Security Testing by Systematic Generation of Test ModelOmid MakhdoomM.Sc.Araban2018-09-12
Provide scheduling algorithm and resource allocation aimed at improving the quality of service in cloud systemsMohammed Alwan jasim Al - MetwarM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2018-09-16
Content selection and cache content placement based on users’ distribution in 5G cellular networksaideh ahangaryM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2018-09-16
Fault Tolerance Improvement of the AFDX Communication Protocol for Critical Packet Lossfatemeh masoodi pourM.Sc.Sedaghat2018-09-16
cell switch off approach based on time and location distribution in 5G cellular networksomayeh behdaniM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2018-09-16
Froth flotation classification of Antimony with online processing of froth imagesmehrad ghorbani moghaddamM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2018-09-16
Robust Passive/Aggressive Learning based on Re-Scaled Hinge LossAqeel Shakir Radi ZinniM.Sc.Monsefi2018-09-16
A heuristic algorithm for Computation Offloading for Workflows in Mobile Devicesmahsa shadiM.Sc.Abrishami2018-09-16
A hybrid multi-objective genetic algorithm for scientific workflow schedulingHussein Ali MousaM.Sc.Amintoosi2018-09-17
A Parallel Algorithm for Protein Sequences Motif DiscoveryRahele MohammadiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2018-09-17
Protein Number of Amir Hossein BabolhakamiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2018-09-17
Proposal and evaluation of a new convolutional layer by examining the order of calculating the output of convolutional neural networks to increase parallelismHossein MemarianM.Sc.Noori2018-09-17
Driver’s abnormal behavior detection using deep neural network on single board computerSEYEDMOHAMMAD HOSSEINIM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2018-09-17
Quality-Centric Mutations for Security Design PatternsAbbas Javan JafariM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2018-09-17
Semi-Federated Scheduling of Multiple Periodic Real-time DAGs on Multiprocessor SystemsMasoud ShariatiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2018-09-17
Design and construction of an Intelligent system Detection Violations of stationary Vehicle With moving cameramarzieh mohammadiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2018-09-17
A Systematic Method for Specifying Anti-Patterns and Bad Smellszahra ghavidel yazdiM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2018-09-18
A new method to apply design patterns to the source-code for software refactoringhaniye khosraviM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2018-09-18
Time Overhead improvment in Backward Recovery for Critical Embedded Systemssaeedeh sarhadiniaM.Sc.Sedaghat2018-09-18
Fine-grained Bird Classificationfatemeh bameriM.Sc.Taherinia2018-09-18
Controlling the execution of commands based on the interdependency of sensorsSERAR MAHMOOD KADHIM AL ABDALYM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2018-09-18
String matching by using less frequent wordMuntasser QrmshaheM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2018-09-18
An IoT-Aware Architecture for Smart AmbulanceKARRAR ABBAS YOUSIFM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2018-09-18
A parallel multiple sequence alignment using smith-waterman algorithmMAHDI AHMED ALI AL HAKEEMM.Sc.Savadi2018-09-18
A Group Authentication Protocol on Multilayer Structure for privacy-preserving IOT environmentMAYTHAM AZHAR BAQER AL JABBANM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2018-09-18
Extraction of effective textual and semantic features in learning to rank for web document retrievalmohaddeseh mahjoobM.Sc.Ensan2018-09-22
IOT Smart City Lighting, Crisis Management ApproachAmmar Salahuldeen Mahdi Al - SaffarM.Sc.Amintoosi2018-09-22
Accelerating Symbiotic Organisms Search algorithm in heterogeneous platform (CPU-GPU)mohaddseh salavatizadehM.Sc.Savadi2018-09-22
Automated Spatial-temporal Region of Interest DetectionMahnaz RazaviM.Sc.Taherinia2018-09-22
Efficient load balancing method in fog computing environment for healthcareButhainah Al -KhafajiM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2018-09-22
Smart Health Monitoring System for Parkinson’s PatientsAshraf Dhannoon Hasan HasanM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2018-09-22
A Cloud-based Healthcare System for Patient Health Recordsali lozanM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2018-09-22
Life Event Detection from Social MediaMaryam KhodabakhshPhDKahani2018-09-22
Optimized energy management at smart home Considering the Increase consumer convenience and priorityAli Reza NazariM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2018-09-22
A cost-effective scheduling algorithm for workflow ensembles using on-demand and spot instances in cloudsBehrooz ZolfaghariM.Sc.Abrishami2018-09-22
A scalable and secure attribute-based access control method with efficient revocation in Internet of ThingsSAFAA MAJED FAKHRY AL SHERIFIM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2018-09-22
Labeling facial images for face recognition applications in real-world environmentsnasim hamidipourM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2018-09-29
Bayesian Filter Based on the Wisdom of Crowds in the Presence of Biased AnnotationBehzad BakhtiariPhDSadoghi Yazdi2018-11-03
A New Method to Mine Design Patterns and Code Smells in the Source CodeBahareh Bafandeh MayvanPhDRasoolzadegan2018-11-15
Multicast Routing with Minimum Cost for SDN based Vehicular NetworksAhmed KadhimPhDHosseini Seno2018-11-21
Energy-Aware Execution of Phoenix++ based Parallel ProgramsIBTISAM ALI SEGER ALGHALIBIM.Sc.Noori2018-11-28
A hybrid multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm for scientific workflow schedulingHASAN HADI SALEH SALEHM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2018-12-05
Synergistic learning over adaptive networksSoheila Ashkezari ToussiPhDSadoghi Yazdi2018-12-10
A method based on API-Aware Mutation Testing and Test Case Generation for Testing Database ApplicationsABBAS ALKHAFAJIM.Sc.Paydar2018-12-15
An Energy-Efficient Data Gathering via Multiple UAVs in Deadline-based WSN ApplicationsََAlaa Albu-SalihPhDHosseini Seno2018-12-29
Robust SVDD Classifier using Rescaled Hinge LossRASOOL MAKASSEESM.Sc.Monsefi2019-01-09
Inter-vehicle Routing to Transmit Message in Vehicular Ad hoc Network based on Software Defined Networking and Fog Computingnaserali nooraniM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2019-01-13
An SDN-based Traffic Load Balancing Approach for RPL Routing Protocol in the Internet of ThingsHyder Kareem Amer AlrikabiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2019-01-19
Multi-core Processor Thermal Management Using Idle-Cycle InjectionAZHAR ALBAKRIM.Sc.Noori2019-01-22
A PSO-Based Sensor Selection Method in IoT EnvironmentABBAS FADHIL MAJOOD MAJOODM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2019-01-26
Determining Beta-Sheet Topology in Homologous Proteins by Constructing Structural Consensustoktam dehghaniPhDNaghibzadeh2019-01-27
Workflow scheduling on clouds using a combination of on-demand and spot instanceYASIR MOHAMMED ABED ALABEDIM.Sc.Abrishami2019-02-06
Ensemble Loss Functionhamideh hajiabadiPhDMonsefi2019-02-16
Dynamical Adaptation of Feature MapNima Salehi MoghaddamiPhDMonsefi2019-02-16
Demand Side Management System Based on User Behavior Monitoring in Kaa PlatformMahshid Mehr NezhadM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2019-02-17
Using improved PSO algorithm to generate rules in the diagnosis of diseases on real–world datasetMohammed Abdulhur Alshaikh AliM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2019-02-18
Reliability and Energy Improvement in Real-time Mixed-criticality Multi-Core Processor Embedded SystemsSeyed Hassan SadeghzadehPhDSedaghat2019-02-19
Optimizing the Memory Footprint of Smith-Waterman Algorithm for Local Bioinformatics Sequence Alignment by CUDA GPUsMuqdad Abdulraheem Hayder MusawiM.Sc.Savadi2019-02-27
Estimation of nonlinear systems with non-gaussian noise , using unknown input filternasrin soufiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2019-05-29
Statistical Based Early Detection System of Multi-Rate DDoS Attacks Using Dynamic Window Size in QoS EnvironmentsHASAN HILLAWIM.Sc.Amintoosi2019-06-03
Identifying Influentials In Social Networksfateme abbasiM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2019-07-06
Active Learning in input and parameter spaceHossein GhafarianPhDSadoghi Yazdi2019-07-20
Priority-based Adaptive Scheduling for Delay Sensitive Traffic in Internet of ThingsFatemeh Banaie HeravanPhDHosseini Seno2019-07-25
Qos Routing in Smart Grid with SDN InfrastructureMohammad RezaeePhDYaghmaee Moghaddam2019-07-25
Execution Time Prediction of Streamed Programs on GPGPUsMohammad Beheshti RouiM.Sc.Noori2019-09-16
Determining optimal energy-performance configuration for configurable softcore processorsMahdi ShourabiM.Sc.Noori2019-09-16
Efficient Placement Algorithm of Aerial Base Station’s in mobile 5G networkroya karimiM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2019-09-17
entity based method for query expansionzeinab khademM.Sc.Ensan2019-09-17
A new approach to the quantitative measurement of Software as a service qualitymonireh khodadadM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2019-09-18
Improving the selection and context aware recommendation of cloud services based on web users’ feedbackHossein HabibiM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2019-09-18
Designing L-BFGS inspired automatic optimizerMohammad EtesamM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2019-09-18
A Fault-tolerant Semi-Partitioned Scheduling Algorithm for Real-time Multi-core Systems Using Backup Tasksmostafa hossein zadeh bandbafihaM.Sc.Sedaghat2019-09-21
A neural graph based approach for POI recommandationsima naderiM.Sc.Kahani2019-09-21
Automatic extraction of normal radiographic indices from the Wristnasim sedighiM.Sc.Pourreza2019-09-21
Reconstruct the super resolution of face images using a sparse representation with facial index pointszahra pezhianM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2019-09-21
Improvement of meta-cognitive networks with passive-aggressive training and cross-entropy loss functionmaedeh kafiyan safariM.Sc.Rouhani2019-09-21
Control Flow Error Detection Using a Combined Method Based on Instructions Level Redundancy in Multi-core Processorsmahin moradiyanM.Sc.Sedaghat2019-09-21
Design and Implementation of a Privacy-aware Framework for Cloud based Demand Response in Smart Gridhadiseh kamalgharibiM.Sc.Amintoosi2019-09-21
A New Algorithm to Improve Accuracy for Influence Maximization ProblemMaryam AdinehM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2019-09-22
A hybrid algorithm for scheduling scientific workflows in IaaS cloud with deadline constraint to minimize execution costmalihe haririM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2019-09-22
Efficient Multi-User Computation Offloading for Mobile-Edge Computing using game theoryMahla Rahati GhouchaniM.Sc.Abrishami2019-09-22
Implementation of image compression algorithm on FPGA using dynamic partial reconfiguration with the aim of reducing power consumptionMahdi Tavakoli KameholiaM.Sc.Noori2019-09-22
Finding Relation between CUDA Kernel Execution Time in Unified Memory and non-Unified Memory states in NVIDIA’s TITAN series GPUsّFatemeh KhorshahiyanM.Sc.Noori2019-09-22
search space reduction for choosing the CUDA kernel’s efficient configurationsaeide pourhasanM.Sc.Savadi2019-09-22
Resource Management in the Federated Cloud Environment Using Cournot and Bertrand CompetitionsNeda KhorasaniM.Sc.Abrishami2019-09-22
Optimal routing for distribution of postal services in the country by using linear programmingMilad AdliM.Sc.Behkamal2019-09-22
Learning filters in convolutional neural networks with a combination of linear discriminant analysis and clusteringSaeedeh GhaziM.Sc.Harati2019-09-22
Increasing Performance of Graphics Processing Unit by Improving Scheduling of Concurrent Kernel ExecutionSeyedKazem ShekoftehPhDNoori2019-10-03
Deadline and Reliability Constrained Workflow Scheduling on the Cloud to minimize costSamaneh Sadat Mousavi NikPhDNaghibzadeh2019-12-22
Rescaled Hinge On-line learning of similarity/distance criteria for outlier data resistant using Rescaled Hinge loss functionAmer Kareem TuamaM.Sc.Monsefi2019-12-22
Mining information for solving cold item problem in opinion miningfatemeh pourgholamaliPhDKahani2020-01-07
Automatic Probabilistic-Cube Cryptanalysis of Block Cipherszahra eskandariPhDGhaemi Bafghi2020-01-16
Design and development of an educational gamification environmentbehnam beigzadehM.Sc.Araban2020-02-05
Analysis & Design of a Statistical Data Dictionary for Municipality of MashhadMorteza SamadiM.Sc.Araban2020-02-15
A secure and energy efficient scheduling algorithm for IoT to balance energy using SDNALI ABDULLAHM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2020-02-17
Probabilistic Detection of Design Patterns from Source CodesNiloofar BozorgvarM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2020-02-18
Detect anomalies in the IoT with using autoencoder neural networksAhmad Fahim MaqsodiM.Sc.Amintoosi2020-02-19
Budget constrained time optimization algorithm for scheduling workflow in cloud environmentZahraa AlitbiM.Sc.Abrishami2020-02-26
An optimized Multiobjective list scheduling in cloud environmentDoaa AlmaksosiM.Sc.Abrishami2020-02-26
Intrusion Detection System in Software Defined Networks Using Deep Neural Networkssomayeh jafari horestaniM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2020-05-17
Reliability Improvement with the Aid of Real-time Fault-tolerant Scheduling of Independent TasksAbolfazl GhavidelPhDSedaghat2020-06-18
Speeding Up the Classification Rule Discovery using GA on GPGPUsmasoomeh sarvelayatiM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2020-06-29
Multi-Target Tracking using Interactive Kalman FiltersMaryam Baradaran KhalkhaliPhDVahedian Mazloum2020-07-08
Time and Budget Fairness in Scheduling Multiple Workflows on CloudAmin RezaeianPhDNaghibzadeh2020-07-18
A Semantic Approach to Query Performance Predictionseyedeh parastoo jafarzadeh hesarM.Sc.Ensan2020-07-20
The prediction of fused kernel execution time using machine learning methodsHamid Khorshidian mianaeeM.Sc.Savadi2020-07-26
A context aware hybrid recommender systems based on tensor factorization and Co-occurrence relationships of itemsMarziyeh BabapourM.Sc.Behkamal2020-08-12
An optimization algorithm for node location in wireless sensor networksNoor amer abdulameer Al rammahiM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2020-08-19
Adapting academic curriculum with job requirements using text miningAmir Tavakoli HaghighiM.Sc.Kahani2020-09-06
A new approach to Trojans detection in android applications using machine learning techniquesdiyana tehranyM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2020-09-14
An energy efficient data aggregation mechanism based on sensor data filtering in healthcare environmenthussein kareemM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2020-09-16
Energy-efficient trust management mechanism for cluster IoT based wireless sensor networkAMEER AL AZOZM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2020-09-19
A Fast Algorithm For Detection Of Microsatellite With Boolean Tablenazanin hadiniyaM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2020-09-20
An automated technique for generating readable parameterized unit tests from Randoop test casesAidin Azam NouriM.Sc.Paydar2020-09-20
SDN based resource management of CoudLet Network in Cellular Networkshirzad shahryariPhDHosseini Seno2020-09-22
Protein-protein interaction network analysis between host and virus via network topologybabak khorsandPhDSavadi2020-09-29
Proposing a fast algorithm with low memory consumption to find microsatellitesHossein savariM.Sc.Savadi2020-10-04
Provide a secure authentication method based on certificateless encryption and based on fog computing to ensure safety in calculating the reputation of devices in the Internet of ThingsDhamyaa HumairiM.Sc.Amintoosi2020-10-12
Dynamic scheduling of switching base stations for energy efficiency in 5G Green networksahmad belal jamiM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2020-10-12
A SDN-based trust management and resource allocation mechanism for fog-assisted IoT environmentNAWAR JUMAAHM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2020-10-12
SocialGrid: A platform for enhancing energy efficiency in smart grid using social networking and recommender systemHadise Moradi SaniM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2020-10-14
Performance Improvement of Redundant Bus-based CAN Communication NetworksMohammadreza PourmoghaddamM.Sc.Sedaghat2020-10-18
Charge Scheduling of Electric Vehicles in Smart GridOmid Fallah MehrjardiPhDYaghmaee Moghaddam2020-10-18
A Framework for Representing and Evaluating Network Security RisksRazieh RezaeePhDGhaemi Bafghi2020-10-20
Energy Efficient Scheduling on Single-ISA Heterogeneous Multi-Core Processors considering FairnessBagher SalamiPhDNoori2020-10-20
Information dissemination in VANET using clustering and multi-objective rebroadcastingSemiramis ForouzanfarM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2020-10-21
Improving the performance of Autoencoder based deep clusteringHoda ShadM.Sc.Monsefi2020-10-21
Identify Undesirable Messages In Social Networks Using Semantic-Statistical Hybrid Modelmorteza ghasemiM.Sc.Monsefi2020-10-21
A convolutional neural network and stacked autoencoders approach for motor imagery based brain-computer interfaceroya arabshahiM.Sc.Rouhani2020-10-21
Mangement and optimization of industrial electricity consumption by appliying scheduling methods in the smart gridNegin ShafinezhadM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2020-10-21
A New Model For Distributing Quantum Circuits Based On Teleportation Cost Reductionmina fotovvatiM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2020-10-26
Fast microsatellite discovery in DNA sequence using logical instructions and parallel processingElahe MehrazinM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2020-10-28
Proposing a Recommender System based on Bayesian Clustering using Side InformationFatemeh RashidiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2020-11-08
Extending the Multi-BSP Computational Model for GPUsAli RiahiPhDSavadi2020-12-15
A Novel Swarm Intelligence Algorithm to Solve Robotic Search Problem in Unknown Maze-like Environmentskhalil al-rahman youssefiM.Sc.Rouhani2020-12-20
Investigating the Effectiveness and Performance Of Parkners Parking Reseravation SystemAli ShafaghiM.Sc.Taherinia2020-12-20
Improving Usability Evaluation of Mobile Applications Using Goal Question Metrics (GQM) Approachfatimah alrashedM.Sc.Paydar2021-01-13
A trust-aware event monitoring and warning distribution mechanism in internet of vehicle networksMARYAM AL ASADIM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2021-01-16
Distributed learning in adaptive networks based on diversityAlireza Naeimi SadighPhDSadoghi Yazdi2021-01-26
Optimal design of access points in the fiber optic network using optimization methodsMAHDI ALNASRAWIM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2021-01-30
Ontology - Based Trust Management Model for Dynamic Distributed NetworksWUROOD MURAD RAISAN ALSHADOODM.Sc.Amintoosi2021-02-07
Efficient Realization of a Scene Text Detection Algorithm on a Heterogeneous Embedded SystemAli Mohammadi BeidokhtiM.Sc.Noori2021-02-11
Automatic QoS-aware Web Services Composition based on Set-Cover ProblemMorteza KhaniPhDAraban2021-02-11
Prediction of human emotion by learning the brain patternsaber mirshahiM.Sc.Monsefi2021-02-12
Energy Resources Management and Markov-Chain-Based Solar Generation Prediction in Multi-MicrogridReihaneh Haji Mahdizadeh ZargarPhDYaghmaee Moghaddam2021-02-13
A secure and efficient scheme for storing, sharing, and accessing medical data stored on cloud service providersmahdi nikooghadamM.Sc.Amintoosi2021-02-14
FBGuard: A liteweight scalable distributed firewall on dos/ddos attacks in SDNHossein PoursamanM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2021-02-14
Preventing Wrong Routing Parts to Whole in Capsule NetworksAli Asghari RostamkalaeiM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2021-02-17
Designing and implementing of an object detection system for blind and visually impared peopleMilad RazaviM.Sc.Noori2021-02-17
Equipping Generative Adversarial Networks with Autoencoders for Increasing Stability and Reducing Mode CollapseMehdi SeifiM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2021-02-17
Synchronization of embedded systems based on IEEE 1588 standard with aim of reducing costs and improving accuracyEMAD ERFANIANM.Sc.Noori2021-02-17
An algorithm for detecting accurate microstates in DNA sequences using potential strings tableFatemeh KhoramdelM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2021-02-18
New O(1)-memory online routing algorithms for Delaunay triangulationsAshkan RezazadehM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2021-02-18
Enhacement of Intrusion detection system Alert Preprocessing to Improving the Alert Correlation Process Using Evolutionary Algorithmszahra nakhaiM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2021-02-18
Predicting Personality Using Sentiment and Semantic Analysis of Textual Data in Social NetworksHossein HokmabadiM.Sc.Kahani2021-02-18
Data Stream-Based Anomaly Detection for Smart Meters in Smart GridSoroush OmidvartehraniM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2021-02-18
Detecting dyslexia in persian-speaking children using computer gameFatemeh AsghariM.Sc.Kahani2021-02-18
Design of Educational Processes for Afghanistan Universities Based on an Enterprise Architecture Framework (for Universities of Herat and Eshragh)Sayed Rohullah SadeqiM.Sc.Araban2021-02-18
A cloud broker for executing deadline-constrained workflow using spot and on-demand instances to reduce the monetary costBahareh TaghaviM.Sc.Abrishami2021-02-18
Designing, implementing, installing and commitioning the X-Ray based inspection sofware systemmilad shahaliM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2021-02-18
Alignment of long genomic sequences by longest common subsequence approachsamira babaeiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2021-02-18
A coalitional game-based approach for resource sharing in clouds federation marketParisa KhoshdelM.Sc.Abrishami2021-02-24
Improving the function of facial expression recognition using the canonical Kalman filter equation training with the help of DLMS filtervajiheh salehinezhadM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2021-03-09
Automated Subcircuit Optimization of Quantum Machine Learning CircuitsTahereh Salehi MaavaM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2021-03-10
Quick and Co-operative Data Transmission in Two-Tier NB-IoT NetworksSeyed Mojtaba MiraghajanianM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2021-03-13
Dynamic Controllers Placement in Software-Defined Networks to Reduce Implementation Costs and Increase Survivability Using heuristic algorithmali abdiPhDHosseini Seno2021-03-13
A PSO-Based Cluster Head Selection Mechanism Using Unequal Clustering in Wireless Sensor NetworksNawal Abdulkareem Saleh AlaskarM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2021-03-13
A method for event reconstruction in digital forensic investigationsomayeh soltaniPhDHosseini Seno2021-03-16
Combining deep learning networks in early detection of diabetic retinopathySeyedamirmohammad RouholaminiM.Sc.Pourreza2021-04-14
An Ensemble Deep Learning Event Detection Model For Social Networks Data Based On Fog Computing EnvironmentsAli GandomiM.Sc.Kahani2021-05-11
An SDN-based Offloading Policy to Reduce the Delay in Fog-Vehicular NetworksAlla Abbas Khadir KhadirPhDHosseini Seno2021-05-18
Exploring and analyzing user image posts on Instagram to identify influentials.WAFAA HASSAN ALWANPhDVahedian Mazloum2021-05-31
Combining Fuzzy and Genetic Clustering Algorithms to Increase Energy Efficiency and Lifespan in Wireless Sensor NetworksHUSSEIN ALGBURIM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2021-06-21
A Multi-stage Intrusion Detection Model for Attacks with Few Training Datawael ibrahimM.Sc.Amintoosi2021-08-07
Computation offloading for multimedia workflows in cloudlet-based mobile cloud using (NSGA-II) algorithmammar mohammedM.Sc.Abrishami2021-09-07
Authentication and Privacy-Preserving Protocol in Internet of Vehicles (IoV)AHMED ALKALKALIM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2021-09-12
A security and privacy aware computing approach on data sharing in cloud environmentMustafa Azeez Khalaf AL-MayyahiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2021-09-12
Autonomous Quadrotor Navigation using End-to-End Deep Reinforcement LearningPooyan Rahmanzadeh GerviM.Sc.Harati2021-09-18
A Hyperledger-based Real-Time Retail Payment SystemA5136349 HAMEDM.Sc.Araban2021-09-18
Early Fake News Detection Using Content FeaturesSajjad RezaeiM.Sc.Kahani2021-09-21
Distributed learning from crowdsourced dataAli GanjbakhshM.Sc.Harati2021-09-21
Gateway-based Fault Tolerance Improvement of CAN Communication NetworkIsmail GhodsollaheeM.Sc.Sedaghat2021-09-22
Detecting bipolar users from twitter dataelham kadkhodaM.Sc.Kahani2021-09-29
A convolutional neural network based on deep learning to optimize energy consumption in the 5G network and beyondٍEhsan Bolour kashaniM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2021-10-04
Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities in FLAIR and T1-W Based on Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksMehdi Sadeghi BakhiM.Sc.Pourreza2021-10-12
Realtime Face Recognition in Unconstraint EnvironmentsSeyed Sajjad AemmiM.Sc.Pourreza2021-10-14
A Spatiotemporal Approach for Parcel Pickup and Delivery Process Model AbstractionYasser SalehabadiM.Sc.Behkamal2021-10-17
Performance and Security Improvements and Prediction of Block Creation Delay in Monitor Nodes in The Trust Chainseyed salar ghaziM.Sc.Amintoosi2021-10-17
Matching students curricula with university curriculum using process miningSara BeheshtiM.Sc.Behkamal2021-10-17
A Graph-Based Approach for Topology Determination of α-Helices in Cryo-EM Images using Homologousbahareh behkamalPhDNaghibzadeh2021-10-17
An explainable content-based course recommender using job skillsYasir AlsarrafM.Sc.Behkamal2021-10-17
Geometric similarity learningReza GodazPhDMonsefi2021-10-18
Targeted Influence diffusion in Social Networks with budget constraintzahra javadiM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2021-10-19
Data aggregation in wireless sensor networks using hybrid improved pollination algorithm and SVMHUSSEIN ALTAIEM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2021-10-19
Network Intrusion Detection Based on a Pigeon Inspired Optimizer Algorithm and Bidirectional LSTM Neural Networkadhab ogailM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2021-10-19
A new approach to test data generation for GUI testingAli BaghchehbanM.Sc.Paydar2021-10-19
Improving Anomaly Detection Based on Divergence CriteriaFatemehSadat TorabiM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2021-10-20
Entity Graph-Based Combinational Query Performance PredictionBentolhoda HedayatianM.Sc.Ensan2021-10-20
Intrusion Detection using reinforcement learning based on weighted featuresAli Al GharawiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2021-10-20
Network Intrusion Detection Using an improved Crow Search Optimization Algorithm and Feature SelectionReham AlthabhawiM.Sc.Amintoosi2021-10-20
Presenting a proposed model for kernel fusion using static analysis of CUDA programssara agheliM.Sc.Savadi2021-10-20
Semantic Web Enabled Approach for Automated System-Level Test GenerationMahboubeh DadkhahPhDAraban2021-10-20
Automatic Detection of Arabic Diacritics by Deep Learning TechniquesAHMED FATTAHM.Sc.Kahani2021-10-20
An energy efficient clustering algorithm based on red deer optimization algorithm in wireless sensor networkMOHAMMED ABDULAMEERM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2021-10-20
Improving performance of CNNs through combining fast algorithms and approximate computingparisa akhavan mahdaviM.Sc.Noori2021-10-21
Deadline constraint cost optimization workflow scheduling on the Cloud by iteratively using critical path conceptghazaleh khojastehPhDNaghibzadeh2021-10-21
Design, and Implement, and Setup of a Communication Based on the HART ProtocolMohammad Nouri Poor SarabiM.Sc.Noori2021-10-21
Hamiltonian Adaptive Importance SamplingAli MousaviPhDMonsefi2021-10-22
Adversarial Representation Learning for Time Series ClusteringMohammad Madadi MousaviM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2021-11-03
Performance improvement for geo-distributed Map-Reduce processing using Data transfer reductionseyed saeed mirpour marzuniPhDSavadi2021-11-18
Credit Card Fraud Detection by Combining Neural Network and Optimization Algorithmnoor al-sahlaneeM.Sc.Amintoosi2022-01-02
A Tool for Utilizing Streaming Capability in GPGPUsMaziar Baradaran SalmaniM.Sc.Noori2022-01-09
A new level-based workflow scheduling algorithm with deadline constraint and cost optimization approapch in cloudAli Mohseni AzghandiM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2022-01-10
an adaptive framework for preprocessing of streaming and non-streaming big dataseyyed mohammad razaviPhDKahani2022-01-10
Long genomic sequences' alignment using progressive shrinking and inclusion methodMohammad AhmadiM.Sc.Behkamal2022-01-18
Method of Signature-Based Intrusion Detection Using Shallow Neural NetworksNedhal Ahmadhamdi QaiwmchiPhDAmintoosi2022-01-29
Facilitating Assessing Essay Answers in Moodletuqa alhilfiM.Sc.Araban2022-02-06
Development of a method for the detection of heavy metal contamination using a biomonitoring approach based on the behavior of fish in drinking waterazadeh ashooriM.Sc.Pourreza2022-02-12
Question Answering over Hybrid Datasets (Linked Data Cloud and Sem-Structured Datasets)Somayyeh AsadifarPhDKahani2022-02-13
Learning signals with Robust distributed adaptive filterMohmmadJafar Karimi BavaniM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2022-02-13
Finding the Shortest Path to See a SegmentElaheh shabanM.Sc.Nouri Baygi2022-02-14
Providing an efficient algorithm for detecting inversion in genome using reference genome indexingsahar ahmaddoustM.Sc.Naghibzadeh2022-02-16
Machine Learning-Based Computational Offloading in Edge Computingsajad khosraviM.Sc.Abrishami2022-02-16
Resource management and optimal allocation of VMs in SDN / NFV based cloud networkhanie jafariM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2022-02-17
an improved method for human action recognition based on ST-GCNfatemeh akbariM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2022-02-19
Classification of medical data using neural networks and genetic algorithmsmohammed rashid dubayanM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2022-02-20
Design and implementation of light-weight real time multispectral pedestrian detection system for around the clock applicationsfereshteh aghaeeM.Sc.Noori2022-02-21
Detection of Android Malwares Using Deep LearningMina FaalM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2022-02-26
Detection of Overlapped Prohibited Items in Passenger’s Baggage using Deep Learningrahime naghaviM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2022-03-05
Splicing Forgery Detection on image using FCNs and STAPLE integration algorithmameneh vatanparastM.Sc.Taherinia2022-03-07
pedestrian detection with hijab (veil) in autonomous vehicleamir saadatiM.Sc.Taherinia2022-03-07
Improving the process of failure detection and localization in microservice-based systemsZahra Purfallah MazremollaM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2022-03-08
Improving websites accessibility by automatically improving their readability levelMohd nawras HamidM.Sc.Paydar2022-03-09
2-D Deployment and Trajectory Optimization of UAV Base Stations in an IoT-based Networkseyed amir mohammad nazemi torbatiM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2022-03-09
Scheduling of tasks in cloud computing by combining an intelligent search methods evolutionary and tabuSEYEDMOSTAFA EMAMIANM.Sc.Savadi2022-03-09
A Model to Enrich The Arabic WordNet (AWN) With Nominal Sentences by Using Web Scrapping TechniqueHassan MutasharM.Sc.Kahani2022-03-09
Asynchronous collaborative content generation systemsFariba Abedin Zadeh ZareM.Sc.Amintoosi2022-03-09
Fault detection in IoT-based smart grids by analyzing PMU dataeghbal kordiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2022-03-16
Bayesian Meta-Learning for Medium-shot Sparse Learning via Deep KernelsZohreh Adabi FiruzjaeeM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2022-03-16
Performance Evaluation of Big Data Stream Analytics Technologies for The Industrial Internet of Things in Real-Time Concept Drift Detection in Predictive Maintenance Application of Wind TurbinesSina Samadzad EtehadiM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2022-03-19
Design Of Distributed Quantum Computing To Minimize The Number Of Quantum Teleportationszohreh davarzaniPhDZomorodi-Moghadam2022-04-12
A Framework for Predictive business process monitoring by deep learningAbdolrahman jalayerPhDKahani2022-05-08
Dynamic risk modeling for studying security and system detailsMasoud Khosravi FarmadPhDGhaemi Bafghi2022-07-03
Correlation-aware evolutionary algorithm for feature selection in classificationmotahhareh namakinM.Sc.Rouhani2022-07-06
Steganography using Generative Adversarial NetworksBehnaz AbdollahiPhDHarati2022-08-02
Converting CycleGAN to a revertible NetworkMessiah Abolfazli EsfahaniM.Sc.Pourreza2022-08-03
Entity Retrieval for Text Input with the Help of Deep Neural NetworksZahra AmirmahaniM.Sc.Ensan2022-08-28
An Ensemble Feature Selection and Honey Badger Algorithm for anomaly based intrusion detectionsalam mohsin abdulkadhim abdulkadhimM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2022-08-28
An energy efficient routing protocol based on Marine Predators Algorithm for wireless sensor networksdhurgham ibrahim al-talqaniM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2022-08-28
Integrated Neuro-Cognitive Modeling of Two-choice Perceptual Decision-Making Processelaheh imaniPhDPourreza2022-09-04
Improve data centers reliability using storage resources failure predictionmina mahdizadehM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2022-09-07
GoF Design Patterns Recommendation using Vector Embedding Techniques according to the Source CodeSeyedehfatemeh KarimiM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2022-09-07
Experimental Study and Analysis of TODO Comments Technical Debt in Apache Open-Source ProjectsYASIR ABD ALAMEER MOHAMME AL-SUDANIM.Sc.Paydar2022-09-10
A feature-based method for detecting design patterns in source codeMARIAM KOULIPhDRasoolzadegan2022-09-11
Joint 3D deployment of several flying base stations and transmission power optimization based on set cover methodAfshin AlaghehbandM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2022-09-20
Resource Management in Distributed Cloud Environment by Developing Containers on Virtual MachinesShakila IzadpanahM.Sc.Abrishami2022-09-20
Prediction of online consumption based on clustering of users in the smart electricity networkmarzieh ziyainezhadM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2022-09-21
Automatic Test Generation for Microservices Based on Consumer Driven Contracts (CDC)shaheen zahediM.Sc.Paydar2022-09-21
privacy preserving person tracking and counting in video analytics with Edge computingfarideh parastarM.Sc.Amintoosi2022-09-21
Novel Worker Recruitment Method Based on Clarity and Fairness of RequesterSeyyed Javad Bozorg Zadeh RazaviM.Sc.Amintoosi2022-09-22
Interactive and explainable recommender system based on background knowledgehediyeh naderiM.Sc.Kahani2022-09-22
Visualization of trading volume data based on clusteringJavad JafariM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2022-09-22
Efficiency and Fault Tolerance Improvements in the Controller of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) MachinesKaveh AkramiM.Sc.Sedaghat2022-09-22
Hybrid Deep Learning (CNN-BiLSTM-LSTM) model for energy efficiency in smart cityDanial AmirkhanlooM.Sc.Mohajerzadeh2022-09-22
Grid Trading Optimization using the Reinforcement LearningSepideh GohariM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2022-09-22
Predicting the best shared memory configuration ratio with L1 memory for cuda kernels using machine learning based methodsamirhossein ebrahimiM.Sc.Savadi2022-09-22
Time series prediction with tracking correlation changesOmidReza JalalzadehM.Sc.Monsefi2022-09-22
Fast and robust monocular Visual Odometry using Deep Neural NetworksMahdi AmjadiM.Sc.Harati2022-09-22
Adaptive kernel density estimation based on GMM model and clusteringMohammad Sadegh AhmadiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2022-09-22
Determining the decision function of classification problems using boundary data detection and reduction for large datasetsAMIN AKHLAGHIM.Sc.Rouhani2022-09-22
Removing frequent Arabic loanwords from Persian texts using neural machine translation techniquesfatemeh pasebanM.Sc.Taherinia2022-09-22
A distributed firewall based on software defined network (SDN) aware of network topology, flows, and active servicesmojtaba ghasemzadehM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2022-09-22
A novel method for Influence maximization on Instagram social network using OntologySomaye Sultani SadrabadiM.Sc.Kahani2022-09-22
Fast and low-cost Event Camera emulation base on embedded systemsAli Sabet AkbarzadehM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2022-09-22
Detection and Recognition the Authenticity of Similar Regions in the Image Based on Multi-Scale ApproachManaf AlhaideryPhDTaherinia2022-09-22
Explainable classification by online learning of multi-prototype Sparse kernel ExpansionsHossein EsmaeliM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2022-09-22
Motor control of human-musculoskeletal model and exoskeleton robot with reinforcement learningAmin Akhavan SaffarM.Sc.Monsefi2022-09-22
Portfolio management based on good behavior of stockahmad ghorbanipourM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2022-09-22
Intelligent demand-side management by predicting household energy consumption based on deep learning networksarghavan irankhahM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2022-09-22
Quadcopter Autonomous Navigation using Deep Reinforcement LearningOmid AghdaeiM.Sc.Harati2022-09-22
Machine learning model-based pruning of appropriate parameters search space of the CUDA kernels using static metrics of kernel codeMohammadhafez YariM.Sc.Savadi2022-09-22
An Efficient Method for Resource Allocation in Multi-Access Edge Computing Using Smart Contract-Based Matching Mechanismssahar pilevarmoakharM.Sc.Abrishami2022-09-22
Classification of Network Traffic Using Improved Extreme Learning Machine and Deep LearningMajida Khudhair AbedM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2022-10-03
Aggregation of Feature Extraction Methods in GoF Design Pattern Detection from Source CodeHanieh SaediM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2022-10-18
Neuro-evolutionary programming for binarized convolutional neural networksOmid SalehiniaM.Sc.Noori2022-10-19
Matching heterogeneous academic profiles using knowledgesahar rezazadehM.Sc.Behkamal2022-10-19
The Effect of Representation on Search Space Pruning in Neural Architecture Search (NAS)Saeideh EslamiPhDMonsefi2022-10-22
A neural news recommendation system based on contextual language modelsHalwest Rasul Hamad ManguriM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2022-11-16
Aggregator-Based Load Scheduling in Smart GridSOLMAZ MORADI MOGHADAMPhDNaghibzadeh2022-12-14
Software security requirements engineering using standardsEhsanullah MohammadiM.Sc.Ghaemi Bafghi2022-12-26
Analyzing, designing, and developing the website of the supply chain, and the global logistic network - Blockchain partSara Bolouri BazazM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2023-01-04
Hierarchical Solving of Euclidean Geometry Ruler and Compass Construction Problems Using Visual Knowledge Representation and Curriculum LearningMohamad ALi Al SaidiM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2023-01-29
Explainability for heterogeneous entity matching using knowledge graphSahar GhassabiM.Sc.Behkamal2023-02-13
Adaptive caching approach for software-defined Internet of Things based on distributed learningSamane SharifPhDYaghmaee Moghaddam2023-02-14
Analyzing, designing, and developing the website of the supply chain, and the global logistic network – Smart Contract PartS.Mir.moh. mustafa RahmaniM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2023-02-15
Multi-Prototype Capsule NetworkSaeid AbbaasiPhDGhiasi Shirazi2023-02-16
worst-case estimation time in real-time system by deep learningfateme abediniM.Sc.Ershadi nasab2023-02-19
Deep Learning Approaches on Image Captioning for the Visually ImpairedTaraneh GhandiM.Sc.Pourreza2023-02-19
Analysis of channel detection and estimation in wireless communication with non-Gaussian noise using deep learning and information theorymohammad reza pourmirPhDMonsefi2023-02-20
Intensity-Image reconstruction using event cameraArezoo Rahmati SoltangholiM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2023-02-22
Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Using dingo optimizer AlgorithmEsraa Mohssin Ward WardM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2023-02-25
Machine learning based DDoS attack detection in IoVZahra JanfadaM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2023-02-25
Upgrading Single/Multi-task Distributed Adaptive Networks Utilizing The Optimizer's Curse ConceptAtieh GharibPhDSadoghi Yazdi2023-02-26
An investigation on the effect of information over probability density function sets of stock returns /Ali ForouzanM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2023-02-26
Conservative portfolio management using machine learning methodsMastooreh BeicKhorasaniM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2023-02-26
Explainability for Detecting Types of Errors in Structured DataAbolfazl Mohajeri KhorasaniM.Sc.Behkamal2023-03-06
Quantum cost Reduction with an emphasis on Quantum Machine Learning Applicationsmohamad salariM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2023-03-09
A Crowdsourcing Software Evaluation FrameworkZAINAB NASERZADAM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2023-03-14
Improve the utility of tensor cores by compacting sparse matrix techniqueMahsa ZahediM.Sc.Savadi2023-05-24
Secure Storage of Construction Contracts on the Blockchain PlatformNisreen KhudhurM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2023-06-27
Presenting a model for early identification of possible adverse events of new vaccines from social networksFariba Mohammadi KhahM.Sc.Kahani2023-08-30
An attention based multi-column Convolutional Neural Network for Crowd countingmahdi hashemiM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2023-09-10
Computational Microscopy Using Fourier Ptychography in an Embedded ArchitectureRezvan MirM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2023-09-12
Adversarial Deep Metric Learning for Zero-Shot LearningKarrar AlkaabiPhDMonsefi2023-09-12
A framework for sarcasm detection and interpretation on social mediaZahra KeivanlooPhDKahani2023-09-18
Prediction of electric energy consumption in residential houses using neural networks based on learning according to the dynamic behavior of electric energy consumers.mahdi yousefiM.Sc.Ershadi nasab2023-09-19
Evaluating the accuracy of Gem5 simulator for OpenMP- and Pthreads-based parallel programs running on x86 and ARM multi-core architecturesShatha Sabbar KhalafM.Sc.Savadi2023-09-20
Images segmentation with Unet and supervised self-attention mechanismNarges Nadi AsadabadM.Sc.Rouhani2023-09-20
Segmentation of lung cancer tumors in PET/CT multimodal images from relational visual dataZahra PoorsoltaniM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2023-09-20
Improving the Fault-Tolerance of Deep Neural Networks in Safety-Critical Classification TasksPouya HosseinzadehM.Sc.Harati2023-09-20
Improving the quality of understanding the relationship between words in natural language by using human intelligence and artificial intelligenceVahide FanaeiM.Sc.Allahbakhsh2023-09-20
financial markets prediction with neural processesYassin HassanpourM.Sc.Ghiasi Shirazi2023-09-20
Cooperative accident prediction in the vehicular network, an edge-based machine learning approachHazhir SalariM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2023-09-20
Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism Area using Deep Neural NetworkSeyed Hesamoddin HosseiniM.Sc.Taherinia2023-09-20
Increasing Generalizability to Regime Changes in Financial MarketsSeyed Navid GhassemiM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2023-09-20
Deep Learning-Based ROP Disease Classification With Interpretation Of Decision-MakingMorteza AkbariM.Sc.Pourreza2023-09-20
Design and Implementation of PROFIBUS DP-V1 on FPGAreza nabizadeh moghaddamM.Sc.Noori2023-09-20
Designing an automatic vertical and horizontal scaling approach in serverless computing environmentsZahra RezaeiM.Sc.Abrishami2023-09-20
A cloud broker for executing deadline-constrained periodic scientific workflowsHoda TaheriPhDAbrishami2023-09-20
Mining Instagram social network sentiment analysis of Persian speaking users towards national parks of IranMaede NaseriM.Sc.Kahani2023-09-20
A Fine-grained Locality-aware Distributed Framework for Cache Management of Serverless ComputingMohammad KahaniM.Sc.Abrishami2023-09-20
Proposing an efficient approach for UAV deployment and trajectory in cellular networksMohammadJavad SoboutiPhDHosseini Seno2023-09-21
Creating a tool to programming in Ladder Diagram language with the ability to generate output code that can be installed on STM32 microcontrollerHamidreza Khodadad HoseiniM.Sc.Noori2023-09-21
Improving Power consumption and lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks with Knn algorithm, Fuzzy Inference System and Golomb Rice Compressionshaymaa sabziM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2023-09-21
Implementation of Neural Networks using Quantum Gates on MRI imagesAtta MalekiM.Sc.Zomorodi-Moghadam2023-09-21
Time Series Prediction Using Kalman Filter Model with Bias ModificationFarzan SaeediM.Sc.Sadoghi Yazdi2023-09-21
Intelligent analysis and identification of high functioning autism disorder and its characteristics from textual linguistic samplesmahsa khorasaniPhDKahani2023-09-21
Urban Changes Detection in Aerial Images Using Improved UNet NetworkMana AminiM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2023-09-21
Sarcasm Detection on Twitter for Persian LanguageFaezeh MousavifardM.Sc.Kahani2023-09-21
Blockchain Data Analysis-Based Approach to Predict cryptocurrency priceMohsen MolaeiM.Sc.Taherinia2023-09-21
Designing a Role Based Access Control for Smart Health SystemsFarnaz KamranfarM.Sc.Amintoosi2023-09-21
Design and implementation of Profibus DP_slave protocol based on FPGAamin ahmadiM.Sc.Noori2023-09-21
Resource Pricing of Mobile Edge Computing Servers in Internet of Things Networks Based on Green Computing Using an Auction ModelFatema KamraniM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2023-09-21
Decentralized IA-enabled Quality Control in Online Participatory SystemsMahdiyeh TalebzadehM.Sc.Amintoosi2023-09-21
Energy Consumption Monitoring and Appliances Recognition Using NILM Approach: A Transfer Learning-Based SystemFaeze KaheniM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2023-09-21
Improving fault tolerance of CNC machine tools by mitigating thermal and dynamic errorsSeyyed Hossein AshrafiM.Sc.Sedaghat2023-09-22
Fault tolerance improvement of LoRaWAN protocol based on transmission aware to communication channel interferenceReza RezazadehM.Sc.Sedaghat2023-09-22
Fault Tolerance Improvement of Time Sensitive NetworksAmir Parsa RahimianM.Sc.Sedaghat2023-09-22
Short-Term Prediction of Residential Home Load Using Deep Learning in Smart Power Gridmasoumeh rafiei charamiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2023-09-22
A Context-Aware Recommender for Serverless FunctionsAref TalebzadehM.Sc.Rasoolzadegan2023-09-22
Designing a fair resource management mechanism for federated cloudFaeze RamezaniPhDAbrishami2023-10-04
service assurance in intent-based Networking by energy efficiency approachMohammad Sediq AbazariM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2023-10-05
Proposing Algorithms for Improving the Construction of Angle Constrained Geometric Spannershosein salamiPhDNouri Baygi2023-12-17
Bias modification in learning to rank systems based on the distributions of multi-point viewssanaz keshvariPhDSadoghi Yazdi2023-12-27
Information Theoretic Analysis of different representations in Hierarchical Temporal Memory Algorithmshiva sanatiPhDRouhani2023-12-30
Optimizing the YoloV7 algorithm in order to increase efficiency on the Cortex-M7 platform for fine grain fruit classificationFarhad HasanzadeM.Sc.Ershadi nasab2024-01-20
Intrusion detection system in power industry with feature extractionBibimarzieh RezvanpanahM.Sc.Yaghmaee Moghaddam2024-01-21
Crypto currency trading using deep reinforcement learningZahra AghliM.Sc.Fazl-Ersi2024-02-18
Image-based person re-identification using deep neural networksZeynab SarvariM.Sc.Ershadi nasab2024-02-19
Joint disease classification and lesion segmentation via an attention-based bayesian neural network in retinal OCT imagesSamaneh HasanpourM.Sc.Pourreza2024-02-19
A personalized content caching strategy at the network edge: Deep Learning and Recommender System based ApproachFarzad MehrabiM.Sc.Hosseini Seno2024-02-19
Estimation of Milk Composition from Spectroscopy Data Using Deep Learning ModelYasaman HosseiniM.Sc.Vahedian Mazloum2024-04-24